Broadcast today on Chaturbate

You can work as a Chaturbate broadcaster today. Here’s what it’s like

Hello. I am a girl with 3 years of experience and i want to help you. Not long ago i knew nothing about this world of adult webcams and i know how that feels, so sit back, relax and keep reading.

Right now it’s easier than ever to become a webcam performer. Chaturbate is one of the most friendly and easy to use cam sites i’ve worked with and it would be my choice. There are other good web pages like MFC, but the level of the girls there is very high and if you are new to this job it’s better to start with a way more friendly cam site like Chaturbate.

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Public or private chat?

To become a model, first you have to decide what type of shows you wanna make. You can work in free chat, private chat or both. Depending on the one you choose, you’ll have to work more in one type of chat than the other.

Before commencing, you should have already the required equipment. A proper HD webcam ( not the one that comes with the laptops ), a good broadband connection and a decent computer. Laptop or desktop? It’s always better a laptop because it gives you mobility and it’s more comfortable.

I think right now, generally speaking, models earn more money in free chat. That’s because you get a bigger audience and you can earn more money from many different customers, although it will be smaller quantities than if you were working in private chat only.

If you are new to this, i recommend you to work in free chat mode. Private chat is often reserved for gorgeous women and for those who are willing to pay an extremely high price to enjoy a few minutes of pleasure.

So unless you are an extremely pretty girl with lots of experience, forget about private chat only, and focus on free chat, and if someone takes you to your private room, consider yourself lucky and make the most of it.

Free chat also gives you the chance to build your personal list of regular customers more easily, because you’ll be more accessible to the site’s customers, and trust me, there are LOTS of customers out there. If you wanna try free chat, Chaturbate is a great choice. Click here to sign up.

To build a great list of regulars, is very important to broacast at the same hours, five times a week, at least. The first days are always the tougher ones, because nobody knows you and you have to increase your reputation. Be known is half of the success. And to be known you have to put on good shows for the audience.

“Spy” the other girls.

So, what to do in free chat? Well, just take a look at the other perfomers to find out. Do things you feel comfortable with and twist a bit what other performers do.

Once they realize this job is for them, some girls invest in sex toys, new outfits and things that will make their audience drool. Most performers just masturbate or fuck on their shows, and that’s nice, but if you can give it your personal touch, you’ll have the edge over the others.

Listen to your audience too, maybe they can come up with some nice ideas. Ask them what they want to see.

Customize your room

Make sure you customize your room using the apps and bots available. Apps and bots are great to ease your life.  There’s lots of them available and can help you to create a fun room. There are games, leaderboards, private message notifiers, you name it.

Once you click on the app you want, you can customize it. Don’t be afraid and experiment with them. I recommend you to use the filter and select the most popular ones.

Every performer has a way to earn money. Some models like to play games with their audience, like the wheel of fortune and that engages them even more. It’s fun for them and for the performer. Other models just chat with the audience. Make your mood visible and let them know what you want to do that day and set a price for it, and don’t work if you feel tired.

Use your imagination 

And last but not least, one thing that can help you to stand out from the rest is to pick up a role. Pretend you are someone else ( a nurse, a mistress, a college student, a sexy doctor, flight attendant ).

The options are almost limitless. Many customers appreciate that kind of effort on your part, and it’s likely they’ll reward you accordingly. I’m not saying that you should do this everyday, but on special occasions can be quite fun and convenient.