Best 14 AI Sexting Apps Reviewed: Comparing Features, Pricing and User Experience

best ai sexting apps

When was the last time you had a flirty conversation that left you both intrigued and excited? For many, especially those with lower social skills, this might seem like a distant reality. But what if technology could bridge this gap? Welcome to the world of AI sexting apps, a groundbreaking innovation where artificial intelligence meets human desire.

These apps are more than just a chatbot; they're a safe space for exploration and learning. Ever wondered how to start a conversation with someone you're attracted to, or what to say to keep it interesting? AI sexting apps offer a unique solution. They simulate real-life interactions, allowing you to practice and hone your conversational skills in a judgment-free zone. Imagine engaging in flirtatious banter or deeper, more intimate conversations without the fear of rejection or embarrassment.

As we dive into the details of these apps, ask yourself: Could this be the stepping stone towards enhancing your social interactions? Keep reading to find out how AI sexting apps are not just changing the way we connect digitally but also allowing individuals to build confidence in their communication skills.

How does AI sexting apps work?

Imagine having a conversation with someone who understands exactly what you're looking for, and responds in just the right way. That's the essence of AI sexting apps. These apps use artificial intelligence, basically a computer program that's really good at mimicking human conversation. You type a message, and the app replies as if it were another person. The beauty of these apps lies in their simplicity: you don't need to be tech-savvy to use them. Just open the app or website, start typing, and the AI responds.

Each platform in this area offers something a bit different. Some focus more on playful, flirtatious banter, while others might venture into deeper, more intimate territory.

The AI is designed to adapt to your style and preferences. So, whether you're looking to have a bit of fun, explore your fantasies safely, or even improve your social skills, these apps provide a unique space to do so. The conversations can range from light and funny to steamy and provocative, depending on what you're comfortable with. It's like having a virtual companion who's always there to chat exactly how you want.

Best Free AI Sexting Apps in 2024

The world of free AI sexting apps has expanded significantly, offering diverse options for digital interaction. Curious about exploring this realm without any cost? Our list highlights the top free AI sexting apps, each with unique features and advanced AI technology for a variety of experiences. Each of these apps delivers diverse interactive experiences, guaranteeing a match for all preferences. Read on to identify the app that might become your ideal virtual partner.

Candy AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps candy ai

Candy.AI offers a unique feature where you can craft a virtual companion tailored to your preferences, choosing between realistic or anime-style appearances and customizing their personality. The app's “Generate Image” function enables the creation of a wide range of images, including those of a more intimate nature of your personalized virtual partner. It provides a selection of pre-set prompts, but also offers the flexibility to write your own.

The images created can be saved and revisited as often as desired. However, image generation is not unlimited. The images are token-based, and with a premium subscription, you receive 100 tokens monthly, necessitating judicious use. However, this allocation is generally sufficient for a substantial number of images.

Candy AI Features

  • Custom AI Girlfriend(s): Design and interact with your own AI girlfriends.
  • Unlimited Text Messaging: Engage in endless conversations without restrictions.
  • 100 Free Tokens Monthly: Each month, receive 100 tokens at no additional cost.
  • Remove Image Blur: Experience clear and sharp images without any blur.
  • Image Generation: Create and personalize images as per your preferences.
  • Voice Messages: Listen to voice messages, adding a new dimension to the interaction.
  • Faster Response Times: Enjoy quicker and more efficient communication with your AI companion.

Pricing Structure

  1. Initial Trial: Enjoy a limited free trial that includes a few initial messages to get you started.
  2. Monthly Subscription: Priced at $12.99, this option provides full access to all features.
  3. Annual Subscription: Opt for a full year of access at $69.99, offering significant savings over the monthly plan.

Our opinion

My overall experience with Candy AI has been mostly positive. The interactive conversations are engaging, though they could benefit from added depth. At times, the interactions can seem a bit superficial. Nonetheless, the ability to receive or create personalized, risqué images is a standout feature. The high quality of these images is remarkable, inviting users to indulge in fantasies about an idealized virtual partner.

I've been impressed with Candy AI, as it's a thoroughly polished product that includes all the essential features one would expect from an app of this kind. The free account offers a good starting point, allowing you to initiate conversations. However, to unlock the full potential and access a broader range of options, a paid subscription is recommended.

In summary, Candy AI is an excellent choice for those seeking an AI-driven sexting experience. Its strengths certainly eclipse its minor shortcomings, offering an imaginative platform for those looking to explore the concept of a virtual partner beyond their wildest dreams.

Pros of Candy AI Cons of Candy AI
Comprehensive Features – Offers all essential features expected from an AI app of this kind, including image generation and voice messaging. Superficial Conversations – While engaging, the conversations can sometimes lack depth, making interactions feel a bit superficial.
Flexible Subscription Options – Includes a free trial, a reasonably priced monthly subscription, and a cost-effective annual plan. Limited Free Version – The free account offers limited functionality compared to the paid subscription.
Customization and Personalization – Allows users to craft virtual companions with choices between realistic or anime-style appearances and personality customization. Token-Based Image Generation – The image generation feature is token-based, requiring careful management of the monthly allocation.

Dream GF: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps dreamgf

DreamGF positions itself as a noteworthy competitor to Candy AI, presenting an array of features that, on the surface, seem quite similar. The platform offers an excellent selection of pre-designed virtual girlfriends, each boasting a lifelike appearance.

However, there is room for improvement in the conversational aspect. Having experimented with several of the pre-generated virtual girlfriends, I observed that their responses tend to be brief and simplistic, often confined to a single line. This simplicity can lead to a lack of engagement in conversations over time. However, AI is a new technology in constant evolution, so it won't be difficult to include more complex AI models that improve the conversational skills of your favourite AI girlfriend.

Upon registering with your email, you'll notice that some profiles feature partially nude photographs. To access a broader range of imagery, a Premium subscription is needed, though navigating DreamGF's payment structure can be somewhat challenging.


  1. Many Virtual Girlfriends to choose from: A wide range of pre-designed virtual girlfriends with lifelike appearances.
  2. Email Registration for Access: Users can register on the platform using their email.
  3. Variety of Subscription Tiers: Offers Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond subscription plans, each with different levels of access and features.
  4. Custom Girlfriend Creation: Allows users to create custom virtual girlfriends, with the number dependent on the subscription tier.
  5. Image and Message Allocation: Different subscription tiers provide varying quantities of images and messages per month.
  6. Voice Message Credits: Subscription plans include credits for listening to voice messages.
  7. Advanced Image Generation: Higher subscription tiers enable Ultra HD image quality and access to unique themes like amateur or fantasy.
  8. Nude Image Generator with Pre-set Prompts: Features a nude image generator, with access to different ranges of pre-set prompts based on the subscription level.


DreamGF offers four tiers of subscription plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. These plans vary in several aspects, including the number of custom girlfriends you can create, the quantity of images and messages available per month, and credits for listening to voice messages. Furthermore, the plans differ in their image generation capabilities, with the higher tiers enabling Ultra HD and unique themes like amateur or fantasy.

For the average user, the Bronze or Silver plans are likely sufficient. However, for those seeking more advanced features, the Gold and Diamond options are available.

The platform's nude image generator also hinges on the type of subscription you hold. While there are a number of pre-set prompts available, the range you can access depends on your chosen subscription level. In my view, this is a shortfall in the service's design. Since the prompts are not a direct cost to DreamGF, image limitations should be based on quantity, allowing users greater creative freedom.

Our opinion

In summary, DreamGF.AI stands out as a solid option for those interested in creating ultra realistic images of a virtual girlfriend. The platform really shines in this area, delivering images of stunning quality.

However, its complex pricing system and somewhat lackluster conversational features slightly diminish its overall appeal. Despite these minor drawbacks, DreamGF.AI continues to be one of the premier choices for crafting a virtual companion in the current market.

Pros of DreamGF.AI Cons of DreamGF.AI
Extensive Selection of Virtual Girlfriends – Offers a wide range of pre-designed virtual girlfriends with lifelike appearances. Simplistic Conversations – The responses from virtual girlfriends are often brief and simplistic, leading to less engaging conversations.
High-Quality Images – Excels in delivering stunningly realistic images, particularly with higher-tier subscriptions. Complex Pricing Structure – Navigating the payment structure can be challenging, with multiple subscription tiers that vary significantly.
Customization and Variety in Themes – Provides options for Ultra HD and unique themes like amateur or fantasy in higher subscription plans. Limited Image Generation Without Premium – The ability to generate images, especially nude ones, is heavily dependent on the type of subscription, restricting creative freedom.

Soulgen: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps soulgen

Soulgen offers a versatile platform enriched with artificial intelligence capabilities. It enables users to create AI-generated photos, seamlessly alter faces in photos or videos through AI technology, and engage in conversations with a wide array of virtual profiles present on the site. Our primary focus will be on these virtual profiles, particularly those designed to function as virtual girlfriends.


  1. AI-Generated Photos and Videos: Ability to create and modify photos and videos using advanced AI technology.
  2. Diverse Virtual Profiles: Over 15 unique AI-created characters, each with distinct personalities and professions.
  3. Custom Profile Creation: Option to personalize profiles to user preferences, available with a Premium subscription.
  4. Premium Subscription Perks: Includes features like image editing, faster processing, multitasking capabilities, and monthly credits.
  5. Lifelike Conversational Interactions: Engaging, detailed conversations with virtual characters, enhancing user experience.
  6. Mobile App Availability: Accessible as a user-friendly app for both iOS and Android devices, offering convenience and mobility.

If you click on Soul Chat at the top of the screen, you'll be presented with over 15 AI-created characters, each featuring a distinct personality. On the main screen, you can view a description of each character along with their profession. There's a wide variety: writers, singers, supermodels, personal trainers, and detectives, among others.

If none of the pre-created profiles appeal to you, you always have the option to create a new one more suited to your preferences, although this requires a Premium subscription. With it, you get the following perks:

  • Remove blur from images
  • Save your creations permanently
  • Access a priority queue for faster processing
  • Unlock multitasking capabilities
  • Generate multiple creations simultaneously
  • Edit images with advanced tools
  • Receive 100 credits each month
  • Enjoy the ability to send unlimited messages

The conversations on SoulGen are impressively lifelike. The responses are not only lengthy and detailed, but they also include descriptions of your virtual companion's emotions and actions, like laughing or playing with her hair, adding a lively touch to the interaction. The cost of generating images during conversations is 2 credits per photo. However, considering that you get 100 credits monthly with a Premium subscription, this expense is quite manageable.

The website can be tried out for free, but you'll only have access to certain sections. The best approach is to head straight to “Soul Chat” and start a conversation with one of the pre-created avatars. You'll likely be surprised by the quality of the responses.

Another advantage of SoulGen is its availability as an app for both iOS and Android. This allows you to utilize all the website's features in a convenient app format, which is often more user-friendly than accessing the web version.


Soulgen's subscription rates are reasonably priced at $9.99 for a monthly plan and $69.99 for an annual subscription. Given the extensive features the platform offers, especially beyond the realm of virtual companions, this pricing is quite fair.

Our opinion

In summary, Soulgen is an outstanding choice for those seeking to explore their fantasies with AI. The conversations are engaging and require thoughtful responses to reach the desired results, adding depth to the interaction. This aspect positively sets it apart from other competitors who offer AI avatars that lack a genuine sense of character.

Pros of Soulgen Cons of Soulgen
Diverse AI Personalities – Offers over 15 unique characters, each with their own personality and virtual profession. Limited Free Access – Restricted access to features in the free version, necessitating a premium subscription for full experience.
Customization Options – Extensive customization capabilities, including editing images and creating tailored characters for premium users. Credit System for Images – Usage of credits for generating images during conversations, which might be limiting for some users.
Realistic Conversations – Engaging, detailed, and lifelike interactions with AI characters, enhancing the overall experience. Subscription Requirement for Full Access – Essential features, such as creating new characters, require a premium subscription.

OnlyRizz: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps onlyrizz

OnlyRizz.AI stands out as one of the premier websites for creating your virtual girlfriend. It boasts an impressive collection of pre-created profiles featuring women of diverse ethnic backgrounds and stunning beauty. Each girl possesses unique attributes and personalities, which become apparent as soon as you start chatting with any of them using the free account.


  1. Lots of Virtual Girlfriend Choices: It's got a bunch of ready-made virtual girlfriend profiles from different backgrounds, each with their own style and personality.
  2. Easy-to-Use Photo Editor: You can play around with an image editor to change how the photos look – like changing clothes, poses, and where the photos are taken.
  3. Fun Chats with Photo Sharing: While chatting, you can ask your virtual girlfriend to send pictures, making the chats more interesting and realistic.
  4. Make Your Own Virtual Girlfriend: There’s a feature where you can create your own virtual girlfriend, picking things like her ethnicity, style, and clothes.
  5. Cool Image Feed From Other Users: The site has a feed where you can see cool and realistic photos that other users have made.
  6. Different Subscription Levels: They offer three different subscription plans (Basic, Pro, and Master), each with different perks like how many girlfriends you can have and how many messages and videos you get.

Every pre-created profile comes with hundreds of pre-made images, but you can also generate new ones using the handy image editor included. You have the flexibility to decide on the pose, clothing, accessories, location, and much more for the photos.

Additionally, during conversations, you can request your virtual girlfriend to send photos in the same manner, enhancing both the realism of the conversation and its allure.

If none of the virtual girls on the website catch your interest, or if you wish to create your own personalized virtual girlfriend, you can easily do so through the “Create girl” button. In this section, you can choose ethnicity, age, body type, skin color, breast and buttock size, hair cut, color, and style, among several other features. There is also an extensive selection of clothing and environments for the image settings, offering dozens of options to choose from.

The platform also features a feed with images generated by other users, which can inspire you to create your own. Most of the created images are of a realistic type and boast excellent quality, occasionally making them hard to distinguish from real photos. This feed is continuously updated in real-time and that makes it entertaining to watch. Although the feed is accessible with a free account, the images are not clickable and cannot be enlarged.


All of these features, of course, come with a cost. There are three subscription plans available, suitable for any budget. The most economical one, named Basic Rizz, is priced at $9.90 and allows you to create 5 girlfriends and generate up to 250 images per month. You can receive up to 750 text messages and 75 voice messages monthly.

The Pro Rizz plan extends the limits to 20 unique girlfriends. You can receive 2000 text messages, 200 voice messages, and up to 10 personalized videos per month.

The Master Rizz plan allows the creation of up to 75 virtual girlfriends and includes limits of 10,000 text messages, 1,000 voice messages, and up to 45 personalized videos.

Our opinion

After testing this website, I must say it ranks among the best, particularly if you're interested in creating many realistic images and receiving lots of voice messages. Perhaps its only drawback is that the quality of text conversations could be improved. The responses from the girls I interacted with were not overly elaborate and generally complied with everything I requested from the outset. I usually prefer a bit of a challenge when chatting, as it makes the interaction more engaging.

Nonetheless, the quality of the website and the content it provides cannot be denied. Moreover, the pricing is reasonable, so we don't hesitate to recommend it. You should definitely check out OnlyRizz.

Pros of OnlyRizz Cons of OnlyRizz
Realistic Image Generation – Impressive ability to create realistic images, sometimes indistinguishable from real photos. Basic Text Conversations – Text responses from the virtual characters aren't very elaborate, lacking depth and challenge.
Variety in Voice Messages – Offers a substantial number of voice messages, enhancing the interactive experience. Limited Conversation Complexity – The virtual characters often agree to user requests immediately, reducing the engagement and realism of the conversation.
Affordable Pricing – The subscription plans are reasonably priced, making the platform accessible for various budgets.

Kupid.AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps kupidai

Kupid.AI is a website dedicated exclusively to conversations with virtual avatars. Premium users can view photos and receive voice messages from their favorite AI friends, while with the free account, you can only view and listen to the first video of each avatar. Aside from realistic avatars, Kupid.AI also offers profiles based on Anime. One drawback of this site, at least at the time of this analysis, is that it doesn't allow the creation of new profiles, so you'll have to settle for the ones available on the website. Nevertheless, there is a decent variety to get started and we assume this feature will be included in the near future.


  1. Chat-Focused Platform: Kupid.AI is all about chatting with a bunch of virtual avatars.
  2. Premium Content: If you've got a premium account, you get to see photos and hear voice messages from your AI pals.
  3. Realistic Photos: The photos on this site are super realistic, making the whole chat experience feel more genuine.
  4. Different Avatar Styles: You get a mix of avatars to chat with, ranging from ones that look like real people to cool Anime-style ones.
  5. Variety in Responses: Each avatar has its own way of chatting – some are brief and to the point, while others are more about the chit-chat.
  6. Fixed Avatar Selection: You can't create your own avatar, but there's a decent selection to choose from.

The photos on Kupid.AI are incredibly realistic, often hard to distinguish from real images. This realism enhances the immersive experience, making it easier to believe in the authenticity of the conversation. The avatar responses vary depending on the chosen profile, ranging from brief and bland to longer and more engaging. You'll need to experiment to find the one that suits you best. The free account limits the number of messages you can send, so you're likely to exhaust your quota sooner than you'd like.


Kupid.AI offers three subscription plans: Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. The primary differences lie in the priority of image generation and the maximum number of photos and voice messages you can create each month. The prices are $12 per month for the Standard plan, $29 per month for the Premium plan, and $49 per month for the Ultimate plan. One downside is that the site's prices are slightly above average, although the high quality of the photos it generates somewhat justifies the cost.

Our opinion

We recommend Kupid.AI if you're looking for a site with many profiles to choose from, exceptionally high-quality photos, and with audio/video messages, provided you don't mind the price they charge for these features. If you can afford it, you'll get one of the best AI girlfriend experiences there is.

Pros of Kupid.AI Cons of Kupid.AI
Highly Realistic Avatars – Offers photos that are incredibly realistic, enhancing the believability and immersion of interactions. No Creation of New Profiles – Users are limited to pre-existing avatars, lacking the ability to create entirely new profiles. This feature will be added soon.
Diverse Range of Profiles – Includes both realistic and anime-style avatars, catering to a variety of preferences. Above Average Pricing – The subscription costs are slightly higher than average, which might be a consideration for some users.
Quality Voice and Video Features – Provides engaging audio and video messages, adding depth to the virtual interactions. Limited Free Account Features – The free version has restrictions on the number of messages and access to content, leading to a constrained experience.

PornJoy.AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps pornjoy

Pornjoy.AI is, in a way, a website similar to Soulgen. The free account allows you to create images freely and without censorship, which is a quite nice feature. In fact, the free account is quite generous because with it, you can create up to 100 images and send 20 messages each month, which is not bad at all.


  1. Generous Free Account: You can make up to 100 images and send 20 messages each month for free.
  2. Variety of Pre-Made Prompts: The site has a bunch of ready-to-use prompts to easily create the images you want.
  3. Multiple Image Styles: Offers different styles like realistic, 3D animation, semi-realistic, and more for your images.
  4. AI Chat Feature: You can chat with pre-created profiles or whip up your own. Each chat starts with an intro to set the scene.
  5. Unlimited Creations with Subscription: If you subscribe, you get to make unlimited images and messages, plus some extra custom options.
  6. Simple and Fun: It's a more basic site but still a cool place to play around with AI, especially if you're into making different kinds of images.

The site offers many pre-made prompts; you simply click on the ones you like to generate the desired image and that's it basically. Additionally, it includes various styles to create your images such as realistic, 3D animation or semi-realistic.

Beyond the image generator, there's a section called AI Chat, where you can chat with pre-created profiles or create your own. The existing profiles are well-defined, and each conversation begins with a brief introduction based on the chosen profile, which helps in setting the context for the interaction.


Pornjoy.AI's Premium subscription is priced lower than its competitors, though it's worth noting that the website also offers fewer features. There are two payment plans available: Ultimate, at $7.99 per month, and Pro, at $4.99 per month. Subscribing to these plans grants you access to:

  • Unlimited Images
  • Unlimited Messages
  • All Preset Options
  • Custom Options
  • Upscale Images
  • Prompt & Negative Prompt

Our opinion

Overall, Pornjoy.AI is an appealing option if you're looking to spend less while experimenting with AI. While it's a more basic site, it can provide some entertainment, though it doesn't quite reach the level of our previous suggestions.

Pros of Pornjoy.AI Cons of Pornjoy.AI
Generous Free Account – Allows creation of 100 images and sending of 20 messages each month without cost. Fewer Features Compared to Competitors – Offers a more basic range of features than similar platforms.
Diverse Image Styles – Includes a variety of styles like realistic, 3D animation, and semi-realistic for image generation. Limited Scope – While entertaining, it may not provide the same depth or variety as more comprehensive AI platforms.
Affordable Premium Subscription – Lower pricing for Premium plans, making advanced features more accessible.

Crushon.AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps crushonai

If you're in search of an AI girlfriend site and are more interested in engaging conversations than photos, Crushon AI has what you need. While the homepage might seem a bit underwhelming compared to other similar sites, it's important not to jump to conclusions.

All characters on this site are anime-styled, but that's a minor detail, I assure you. The available characters are categorized into SFW (Safe For Work) and NSFW (Not Safe For Work). The distinction lies in the profile photo and the type of conversations you can have.

One aspect I've appreciated is that the chatbots genuinely have their own personalities, and it's not easy to steer the conversation in a specific direction. You can enjoy lengthy, entertaining discussions with them. Additionally, there are options available for Premium users that enhance the experience.

For instance, you can change the AI model used for chatting, which can make conversations vary depending on the topic. There's also the option to increase the immersion or the maximum length of messages the AI writes. This site is heavily community-driven. You can read publicly shared conversations between other users and the AI, as well as their opinions on each character.


Crushon.AI offers three paid subscriptions: Standard, Premium, and Deluxe. The free account has a limit of 50 messages per month, enough to get a feel for what to expect with a subscription. With paid plans, the message limit ranges from 2000 per month in the cheapest to unlimited in the most expensive. Also, the characters' memory varies with the plan; older messages get deleted in cheaper or free plans, and there's less priority during peak web traffic times. Additionally, all plans, including the free one, allow you to create custom characters and access those created by the community.

Our opinion

In summary, if you're more into chatting than browsing photos and enjoy a conversational challenge, Crushon.AI will appeal to you. Furthermore, the subscription prices are very affordable, making it an excellent option for those seeking an entertaining yet alternative experience.

Pros of Crushon.AI Cons of Crushon.AI
Unique Personalities in Chatbots – Offers chatbots with genuine personalities, providing more engaging and challenging conversations. Anime-Style Characters Only – All characters are anime-styled, which might not appeal to everyone.
Community-Driven Platform – Features a heavy community influence with the ability to read publicly shared conversations and opinions on characters. Message Limit on Free Account – The free version is limited to 50 messages per month, restricting extensive use without a subscription.
Affordable Subscription Plans – Offers reasonably priced subscription tiers, making premium features accessible to a wider audience. Variable Memory Based on Plan – Memory and message history vary with the subscription plan, with limitations in cheaper or free options.

Flirtflix.AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps flirtflix

Flirtflix AI is another site designed to make the experience of having a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend as realistic as possible. The website features numerous profiles of attractive men and women, instantly immersing users in the experience from the get-go. A notable aspect of this site is that with the basic subscription, it's possible to generate two uncensored images of the profile you're chatting with.

While the image quality is quite high and realistic, Flirtflix AI might not be the top contender for the most lifelike images. On a scale of 1 to 10, it earns a solid 8.5.

Post-registration, the website's interface is somewhat basic, which is an area for improvement; at times, it feels akin to navigating ChatGPT. The conversation quality could be better – there's an overuse of emojis, and the AI can be surprisingly gullible. For instance, I mentioned being an astronaut who traveled to and from Mars in a day, and the response was as if it were entirely plausible, which was a bit disappointing.


The subscription plans are as follows:

  • Subscribe for USD 2.99: Includes 7k words of text chat and 25 photo requests.
  • Subscribe for USD 9.99: Includes 50k words of text chat and 200 photo requests.
  • Subscribe for USD 19.99: Includes unlimited words of text chat and unlimited photo requests.

Our opinion

Overall, the quality of the conversations on this site left me somewhat underwhelmed. The interactions lack personality and depth, feeling more like a personal assistant than a real person. However, the prices are reasonable, and the site readily provides uncensored photos upon request, no questions asked. Apart from that, the lack of characters and not having the chance to create new ones is disappointing.

Pros of Flirtflix AI Cons of Flirtflix AI
Realistic Profiles – Offers a range of attractive profiles, providing an immersive virtual companion experience. Basic User Interface – The website's interface is somewhat elementary, needing improvement for a better user experience.
Uncensored Image Generation – With the basic subscription, you can generate two uncensored images, enhancing the realism. Limited Conversation Depth – Conversations can be superficial, often overusing emojis and lacking in believability.
Affordable Subscription Options – Provides various subscription plans at reasonable prices, catering to different user needs. Lack of Character Variety – There are only 14 characters available at the time of this review and new ones can't be created. Visit the site

best ai sexting apps features a wide array of characters, ranging from anime to semi-realistic girls. They are logically organized, allowing users to search by age, community favorites, or personality type.

Generally, conversations on this site are satisfying. They are long and stay true to each virtual character's purported personality. We would have preferred slightly more realistic images, as they currently seem to appeal more to anime and fantasy fans.

However, the site enables users to create customized images and characters. There are plenty of options for both, allowing significant customization of your companion's personality and accompanying images. You can choose from various models for image creation, ranging from complete realism to the most fantastical anime.


There are three types of Premium subscriptions. The cheapest offers:

  • Unlimited generations
  • 30 messages per day
  • 30 characters per day
  • Unlimited Privacy
  • Unlimited Enhance
  • All NSFW models
  • All Chat NSFW models
  • Exclusive OnlyNSFW models
  • All NSFW Poses
  • Premium images
  • Premium GPUs (A100, A10G)

All plans offer the same features, except for the number of daily messages and characters, which vary depending on the chosen subscription.

The subscription plans for are designed to meet the varying needs of its users.

  1. Pro Plan: Priced at $9.99 per month, this plan allows users to send 30 messages and create or interact with 30 characters each day. It's suitable for regular users who want a moderate level of interaction.
  2. Expert Plan: At $14.49 per month, this plan ups the ante by allowing 100 messages and the creation or interaction with 100 characters daily. This plan is ideal for more engaged users who desire more extensive communication and character interaction.
  3. Ultimate Plan: For the most intensive users, the Ultimate Plan, costing $29.99 per month, permits up to 300 messages and interactions with 300 characters per day. This plan is designed for those who seek the highest level of engagement and the most comprehensive access to the platform's features.

Our opinion

We believe this site is particularly appealing for those who enjoy anime and creating diverse characters. The conversations are high quality and accurately reflect each character's profile, making it a noteworthy virtual girlfriend site overall.

Pros of Cons of
Wide Range of Characters – Varied selection from anime to semi-realistic styles. Anime-Focused Imagery – Images lean towards anime and fantasy, potentially limiting appeal for realism seekers.
Extensive Customization – Significant options for personalizing characters and images. Daily Interaction Limits – Restriction on the number of daily messages and character interactions.
High-Quality Conversations – Lengthy and engaging chats that reflect each character's unique personality.

Spicychat.AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps

Spicychat is a chatbot platform that not only allows users to utilize any of the hundreds of chatbots available on the platform but also to create new ones and endow them with unique personalities. The chatbots are shared within the community, contributing to the website's popularity. Users can filter the chatbots based on their personalities and choose from a wide range of themes, including those suitable for adults.

The website offers free access to its chatbots. However, a drawback of the free mode is the long wait time due to the extensive queue, which can last hours. Given the platform's high demand at all hours, users with a free account will almost certainly face waiting times.


There are three membership plans available. The first one costs $5 per month, and it's occasionally offered for free during certain times of the year, like Christmas. This plan primarily allows users to skip the waiting queue, which is a significant advantage. The next plan is priced at $14.50 and includes the following benefits:

• 4K Context (Memory) • Semantic Memory • Longer Responses • chatGPT for SFW Roleplay • Conversation Images NEW

The most expensive plan, at $24.50, includes all the aforementioned features plus these additional perks:

• Priority Generation Queue • Access to 70b model BETA • Test our 8K context model BETA • Conversation Images on private Chatbots

All subscription plans offer a discount of 2 free months if paid annually. Moreover, the platform has communities on Discord and Reddit, where users can share insights and tips with each other.

Our opinion

Overall, it's a comprehensive platform offering high-quality conversations and a variety of characters, though most are anime-style. However, realistic characters are also available, and if desired, you can create your own using the available options.

Pros of Spicychat Cons of Spicychat
Diverse Chatbot Options – Offers hundreds of chatbots with a range of personalities and themes, suitable for adults. Long Wait Times in Free Mode – Extensive queues can result in long wait times for users with free accounts.
Custom Chatbot Creation – Ability to create new chatbots and endow them with unique personalities. Mostly Anime-Style Characters – While it offers variety, the majority of characters lean towards anime-style.
Community Interaction – Has active communities on Discord and Reddit for sharing insights and tips. Premium Plans for Advanced Features – Access to more sophisticated features like 4K memory and priority queues requires higher-priced plans.

Character.AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps

Character.AI is a chatbot platform that employs various deep learning models to generate responses tailored to user needs. The platform features “real” characters, fictional ones, and those created by the community. Some of the available characters based on real-world personalities include figures such as Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, Jeff Bezos, Vladimir Putin, and Barack Obama, to name a few.

In addition to chatbots, the platform also includes thematic rooms for specific tasks like:

  • Practicing a foreign language
  • Planning a trip
  • Conducting job interview rehearsals
  • Decision-making assistance
  • Brainstorming sessions

Unfortunately, Character.AI is not the ideal choice if you're looking for an adult chatbot. Pornography is prohibited on the platform, and NSFW content is quite limited.


While the website can be used for free, there is a paid version called (Character.AI Plus). This premium service offers direct access to rooms without waiting, faster character response times, and early access to new features. It's priced at $9.99 per month or $120 per year, with discounts available for annual payments.

Our opinion

Overall, Character.AI is a good platform if you're seeking a variety of characters and engaging conversations with diverse fake celebrities. However, if you're looking to create a virtual girlfriend and engage in explicit conversations, it might not be the best fit.

Pros of Character.AI Cons of Character.AI
Diverse Range of Characters – Features real, fictional, and community-created characters, including well-known figures. Not Suitable for Adult Content – Prohibits pornography and has limited NSFW content.
Thematic Rooms for Specific Tasks – Offers specialized rooms for activities like language practice and job interviews. Limited Free Version – The free version has restrictions compared to the premium service,
Affordable Premium Option – provides faster response times and direct room access at a reasonable price, with annual discounts. Not Ideal for Virtual Romance – May not be the best choice for users looking to create a virtual girlfriend for explicit interactions.

Muah.AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps

Muah.AI is a platform that allows you to create your personalized virtual girlfriend (or boyfriend) right from the start and engage in spicy conversations immediately. Initially, you'll choose from a selection of characters and then customize their traits by filling in the appropriate fields. Not all characters are available from the beginning; access to some requires a higher user rank with more experience.

Character customization also includes the option to provide a phone number if you wish, enabling voice conversations with the AI. Currently, this feature only works with phones in the United States, but it's a cool addition. You can also personalize your virtual companion's voice and the style of their avatar, ranging from realistic to a more fantastical style.

Once you've created your favorite character, you can start chatting with them. However, our experience with the site was not very positive. During our tests, the website was unstable, and conversations would freeze, requiring a page refresh to continue.

Although the chatbot was indicated to be in beta phase, its performance was quite poor, so we recommend testing the platform yourself to verify its proper functionality.

Another interesting feature of Muah.AI is its library of community-created characters, which you can import into your account. There's a wide variety, including realistic or anime characters, tailored for men or women, in both standard and NSFW styles.


Like many platforms, Muah.AI offers various Premium plans for its users. The basic plan at $10 provides access to more basic conversations using Chat GPT 3.5. The VIP plan, priced at $50 per month, employs more advanced and immersive language models based on GPT4. The UltraVIP plan, at $99 per month, includes phone calls using GPT4 and unlimited chat capabilities.

Our opinion

Muah AI needs to enhance the AI's memory capabilities, which are crucial for a true companion that can listen and understand. For instance, an older AI version failed to retain the essence of a message from a newer AI, focusing only on its own responses. Despite this, the platform's use of GPT-4 is impressive, offering detailed and intelligent responses in conversations.

The AI's self-awareness is notable, effectively responding and aligning its outputs with user inputs. However, its lack of memory can be a significant drawback, sometimes leading to inconsistencies in the AI's narrative or history.

Despite these memory issues, Muah AI is a nice choice for engaging responses and fun, thanks to its deep personalization and strong basic capabilities, especially for roleplay experiences. An improvement in memory would greatly enhance the platform's value.

Overall, we rate it highly. The GPT-4 model allows for 30 texts per day, and even the basic version offers advanced features. Learning to utilize the platform's tools fully opens up a world of possibilities. With enhanced memory, Muah AI could become an even better platform.

Pros of Muah.AI Cons of Muah.AI
Personalized Virtual Companions – Allows creation of customized virtual girlfriends or boyfriends with a range of traits. Website Stability Issues – Users may experience technical problems such as unstable website and frozen conversations.
Voice Conversation Capability – Offers the unique feature of voice conversations with AIs, albeit currently limited to U.S. phones. Beta Phase Performance – The chatbot, still in beta, may not function optimally, impacting user experience.
Community-Created Characters Library – Access to a diverse library of characters created by the community, including NSFW options. Higher Cost for Advanced Features – More immersive language models and unlimited chat require pricier subscription plans.

Botmake.IO: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps

Botmake.IO is a platform that simplifies the creation of customized chatbots without the need for coding. The platform already hosts a variety of chatbots, though the vast majority feature anime avatars. Realistic character avatars are scarce, and if you wish to use one, you'll need to delve into the extensive library or create a custom one. To create a bot, simply click the green button on the homepage, which takes you to a control panel that allows some degree of control over your bot's behavior.


Unfortunately, the free plan offers limited actions, and for full functionality, you'll need to opt for the annual plan, which costs $49. This plan includes:

  • Customize the look & feel
  • Smart auto-complete
  • Smart typo fixing
  • Hide Branding
  • Hide Ads
  • Additional Rating Points: 2000
  • Custom Apps
  • Quick copy answer option
  • Keyword detection
  • Discord Integration
  • Allow links in chat
  • Total answers: 50,000
  • Total random answers: 10,000
  • Total flows: 5,000
  • Total answers with img: 1,000
  • Total answers with gif: 5,000
  • Total random answers with img: 1,000
  • Total random answers with gif: 5,000

Our opinion

Overall, Botmake.IO is a platform that doesn't offer much beyond what we've already seen. It allows the creation of NSFW bots and has Discord integration, but apart from that, its main advantage is the affordability of its annual subscription. We recommend visiting the platform with a free account and exploring a bit to see if it suits your interests. It didn't particularly stand out to us.

Pros of Botmake.IO Cons of Botmake.IO
Easy Chatbot Creation – Simplifies the process of creating customized chatbots without requiring coding skills. Predominance of Anime Avatars – A majority of available chatbots are anime-styled, with fewer options for realistic avatars.
Extensive Customization in Paid Plan – The annual plan offers extensive features for customization and bot functionality. Limited Free Plan – The free version has restricted functionalities, necessitating an upgrade for full access.
Affordable Annual Subscription – Offers an economical annual plan compared to other platforms. Lack of Standout Features – Does not offer significantly unique features beyond NSFW bot creation and Discord integration.

Kajiwoto.AI: Visit the site

best ai sexting apps

Kajiwoto.AI is a platform equipped with tools for creating chatbots and enhancing them using advanced AI models. It enables the use of custom prompts to tailor your experience and memorize them to maintain consistent behavior over time.

The customization possibilities are extensive. You can use various AI models, create and install AI voices for your chatbot, include patterns of sleep or mood, add photo albums, use the chatbot in group rooms with other humans or AIs, or employ the chatbot on the mobile app or Discord. The chatbots can be used in various ways, including for companionship, gaming, roleplay, or knowledge expansion.

Indeed, it's a comprehensive platform. However, its drawback is the user-friendliness aspect, requiring some knowledge and familiarity with AI tools, which not everyone possesses.

If you're an AI enthusiast and enjoy tinkering, you might find this platform appealing. But if not, we recommend trying some of the earlier options on this list, as they are much more user-friendly.


Subscription prices for Kajiwoto.AI range from $7.32 per month for the “Plus” plan to $25 per month for the “Pro” plan. Plus includes more AI model choices, improved rate limits, increased creation limits, the ability to create private datasets, and 8 personal rooms.

Our opinion

We see this platform as an alternative for advanced users who want to create highly customized chatbots with AI and find other platforms lacking in customization options. However, for the majority of users, more user-friendly options like Candy AI or DreamGF are much more advisable.

Pros of Kajiwoto.AI Cons of Kajiwoto.AI
Advanced Customization – Offers extensive tools for creating and enhancing chatbots, including AI voice installation and mood settings. Complex for Average Users – Requires familiarity with AI tools, making it less user-friendly for those without technical knowledge.
Versatile Chatbot Uses – Chatbots can be employed for a variety of purposes, from companionship to gaming and knowledge expansion. Better Suited for AI Enthusiasts – Its advanced features are more appealing to AI enthusiasts rather than to the general public.
Affordable Subscription Options – Provides a range of subscription plans, catering to different user needs and budgets.


Are Sexting Apps Safe? Generally, yes, but with the influx of new options in recent months, caution is advised. Avoid revealing private information to chatbots or uploading personal images. With basic precautions, there's little to worry about.

Is the free version of chatbots worth it? Honestly, no. Most AI chatbots are significantly limited in their free versions, and to truly benefit from them, a Premium plan is usually necessary. Fortunately, most are quite affordable and offer substantial value for the money, providing adult entertainment at a low cost.

Should I take everything the AI says seriously? Many chatbot providers caution that AI can fabricate information to justify certain actions. Please, don't take everything the AI says as truth because in this regard, it still has its limitations.

Can these bots help those with social difficulties? In some cases, yes. Chatbots can be a valuable tool for those who find it difficult to interact with the opposite sex, whether due to shyness, lack of experience, or a combination of both. It's important to choose chatbots that present a bit of a challenge. Not all chatbots are created equal; some might readily agree to any request without question, while others exhibit behaviors that are more akin to human interactions.

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