My Onlyfans Review: Tutorial, tips&tricks and earnings

Today I'd like to talk to you about Onlyfans because right now is one more way to make money in the adult business.

I've been making money with Onlyfans these last months and want to tell you all its secrets. In this guide, I will tell you what is Onlyfans, my experience using the site and what techniques you should use to make good money.

Onlyfans has become very popular because is not too hard to make loads of money, especially if you're a woman. As with all the good things in life, this requires time and dedication but if you are willing to work hard for it, you'll be rewarded sooner than you think.

Oh, and please, don't freak out when you see how much you can make with Onlyfans, but we'll get to that later in the article.

What is OnlyFans?

Onlyfans is a social network in which it's mandatory to pay in order to see the content ( Kinda ). The users must pay a fee set by the person who creates the account, in this case, it should be you. This has its exceptions since there are many free accounts which can be viewed for free. These content creators make money in other ways, like selling photos, videos or private streaming sessions.

In a way, Onlyfans is similar to a pay-only version of Instagram. People post hot pictures or videos in there exclusively for their fans. Usually, this private content contains nudity and very sexy content, which is what the fans want to see.

Is nudity required to make money on Onlyfans?

This is the first thing you must understand. If you want to make money with Onlyfans you should be willing to produce sexy content for money most of the time.

By sexy I don't mean nudes. Is perfectly possible to make money on Onlyfans just with bikini or lingerie photos.

You just have to know what you're comfortable with and what your audience expects to get from you.

Producing adult content is not the only way but it is what has worked best for me.

How much money can you make on Onlyfans?

On Onlyfans, you can make money indeed. Here's a screen capture of how much money you can make. I got it from the Youtuber you can find below.

She started in January 2020 and 3 months later she was making over $3000 a month.

earnings onlyfans

How to register on Onlyfans?

The Onlyfans registration process can be slow and tedious. Creating a new account is easy but problems may arise in the verification process.

To complete the process, you'll need your ID card, Passport or driving license to verify your identity.

In theory, it's a quite simple verification process. You just have to send your ID along with a selfie holding it. Both photos should be sharp and clear, but for some unknown reason, that may not be enough for them.

I had many problems verifying my account because they kept rejecting my applications for no apparent reason, so be prepared for anything.

Also, customer service is extremely bad. They take days to answer emails and usually, the responses are not helpful at all. 

Onlyfans tips and tricks

Once you are logged in you must configure some things.

First, you must create an attractive profile with sexy photos but without showing anything yet obviously.

To do this you must click on the person-shaped icon that you see in the main menu and then click on “My profile”.

Then click on “Edit Profile” and choose your “Display Name” which is the name that Onlyfans users will see. Naturally, you shouldn't use your real name here.

All other fields are optional, you can fill in your country, your website URL or a link to your Amazon wish list.

One important thing is to change your profile pictures. You have two buttons, “Upload cover picture” to change your channel header, and “Upload profile picture” to do just that.

Which photos should you use? I recommend that you use a full body photo for your headline and another one of your face, chest or butt for your profile ( Nudes here are not allowed ). This is a good example of what I mean:

onlyfans profile picture

Make sure you use attractive photos because that can make the difference between a new subscriber or a lost one.

Once your channel is set it's time to configure some other things.

Just like on cam sites like Chaturbate, you should verify your account by sending your country's ID, passport or driver's license and another photo holding it.

It's a really simple process that takes no more than a few minutes.

Make sure both photos are sharp and your face and document are clearly visible. If not, your application will be rejected.

Once your account is verified you will need to enter a payment method. Depending on the area you live in, you will be allowed to choose between several payment methods.

How to verify the account and choose the payment method?

Click on your profile icon and then select “Add bank”. You will have to fill in all the necessary information such as name, last name, country, etc.

At the end of the form, you will have to add a photo of your ID card, passport or driving license and another photo holding it.

Send both photos and when your account is verified you will be able to choose the payment method. This is mandatory if you want to get paid.

The last two questions on the form are important. You must say whether the document has an expiration date or not (usually it does) and if you are going to upload explicit material. Answer both questions and hit the “Send for approval” button.

Once your identity has been verified you will be able to choose your desired payment method.

How to build an audience

Onlyfans is about making your fans feel engaged. Don't be afraid to interact with them so answer their questions, don't be rude and try to be nice to them.

Once they get to know you they'll feel at home and they'll be more than ready to pay for your exclusive content.

All I do is posting daily pictures and videos for my fans. Most of them in my house sitting on the couch, in my bed, in the shower and sometimes outdoors.

I upload content every day and this is the most important thing for me. I usually post nude photos every 2 or 3 days but this is a matter of personal preference.

75% of my content is lingerie pictures. The rest are nudes. Those are my numbers, but in your case, it may be different.

What matters is to be consistent so post every day no matter what.

Ask your followers

Create content your followers want to see. To do so, I think it's a good idea to create a poll on your main page asking your Onlyfans followers what they'd like to see next.

On Instagram and Twitter, I use to post a few times every day, especially on Twitter. It's there where I inform my followers about upcoming content on my other social networks.

I like to warm them up with sexy photos that anticipate what's coming. This has worked very well for me and has helped my profits immensely.

But to make money you first need people who are interested in seeing you. If no one knows you you won't earn anything.

That's why it's important to use your social media accounts as a funnel to your Onlyfans profile.

Hide your followers' number

In the first days, you'll have very few followers. A low number may detract some from subscribing so to avoid that what I would do is to hide the number until you have at least 100 or more followers on Onlyfans. Just select the option in your profile to do so.

Keep the text of your posts public

To make things more interesting, it's advisable to make the text of your posts public. Why? you may ask. Well, the photos are already blurred for non-subscribers so keeping the text public can make them wonder if a subscription is worth it.

Create a paid welcome message

On Onlyfans you can create an automated welcome message for every new subscriber.

That message can be paid too, so for every new customer, you can get a few more dollars. Customize it with a nice photo to make them feel special.

How to make money with Onlyfans?

I have already said that Onlyfans is a paid platform. All your photos and videos are not visible until someone goes to your profile and subscribes.

To drive the maximum amount of users to your Onlyfans account the best way is to promote on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and many other popular websites.

If you already have active accounts on all of those websites the most difficult part is done. I recommend you to have a Youtube channel where you show beauty tips or a bikini try on.

Bikini try on videos are extremely popular and can get you insane amounts of traffic, although I understand is not for everyone.

Remember to place your Onlyfans account link on every video and also in the description.

Also, upload content daily on all networks promoting your Onlyfans account.

Tell your followers about new content on your Onlyfans account and give them reasons to subscribe.

Also, after every new post or video remind them to follow you and subscribe. This especially important if you have a Youtube channel.

What photos should you use to promote on Instagram?

Personally, a method that has worked wonders for me is to use censored photos on Instagram.

That way you show all your visitors what they are missing by not subscribing. Write the link to your Onlyfans account in the censored area and also at the top of your profile.

You can edit the pictures with any app on your mobile phone. Place some smileys over the sensitive areas and you'll be good to go.

Use this as an example. Maybe is a bit extreme I know…

Onlyfans image example

It's good to post several times a day on as many platforms as you can because the more engaged your audience is, the more probable is to make them paid customers later.

It is also interesting to have an audience that you communicate with frequently, like the one you can get on sites like Chaturbate.

If you are a cam model, add the relevant information on your profile.

How much to charge on Onlyfans?

The minimum payment you can ask for is $ 4.99 per month. The maximum is $49.99 per month. Also, the minimum amount you can ask for tips or private messages is $5.00. 

Your future earnings depend on the quality and quantity of your content. The more you make, the more incentivized your fans will be to follow you and subscribe.

Most subscriptions prices are around $19.99 per month although I have seen many models charge $24.99 or even $29.99 per month.

I don't recommend you to start with an expensive subscription. It's better to start cheap and increase the price later down the road. In my case, I started asking $19.99 a month.

What percentage of profits do you get to keep?

On Onlyfans you get 80% of the price paid by the users. The amounts that appear in your profile are already definitive so it's a very good margin.

Can I set a trial period or discounts?

Yes, you can. To do so you have to set a price for your subscription and then click on the “Start promotion campaign” button on the “Free trials” page.

There you can set the desired discount and for how long it'll be valid.

Discount offers are automatically announced in your profile with a message once the promotional campaign has started.

You can also create unique test links by clicking on the “Create test link” button. In this area is also possible to limit the number of free subscriptions you can get.

I encourage you to create some type of bundle. That way if the user buys 3 months he gets a discount, which is another incentive to subscribe.

Can I hide my profile?

On OnlyFans you can hide your profile the same way you would do it on any cam site. To do it you must access the security settings of your profile.

These options are only active if your account has already been verified, otherwise, you will not be able to see them.

Getting paid

When someone buys something from you, the payment will remain “pending” for seven days. You can't immediately transfer it into your bank account.

After that period, your balance will move from “pending” to “transferable” so after the initial seven days you can put that into your bank account. For that, you'll have to wait from three to five business days.

Is Onlyfans safe?

No one knows for sure. There was a big data leak months ago, lots of private images were stolen and uploaded elsewhere, so if privacy matters to you, think twice about using Onlyfans. 

Also, even without big leaks, it is quite common to find paid videos on the main adult porn tubes like Pornhub.

What happens if I see my content posted elsewhere?

If you see your content elsewhere, you must send a support ticket in the OnlyFans help centre with the subject “Report stolen content” or send an email to the email address

Anyway, don't expect much from them because their customer support is almost non-existent.

Onlyfans alternatives

There are a few Onlyfans alternatives you should know of. Manyvids is the first one that comes to my mind. 

I've used them for years and never had a problem. You can set your own prices and their customer support is much better than Onlyfans's. At least they answer my emails the same day.

Apart from selling content, you can broadcast there as in any other cam site, so it's a good way to make money too.

Final words

If you are in the cams business and want to make extra money ( who doesn't? ) you may want to give Onlyfans a try.

Even if you are not a cam model, you can also try it. The only thing you need is an Instagram account with some followers ( who doesn't have one nowadays ) and being as active as you can on social media.

Anyway, there are some drawbacks. As I said, the registration process can be really frustrating and if you have any questions, be ready to wait a few days to get an answer, if you get one.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video, I encourage you to watch this one. She talks about everything you need to know and it's quite entertaining.

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