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One of the first things you need to decide when you create a new Chaturbate account is which payment method you are going to use.

Depending on where you live, you should choose one option or another. Chaturbate currently supports 8 different payment methods that we are going to analyze in this article: Paxum, CosmoPayment, ePayService, Skrill, Bitcoin, Check by mail, Wire Transfer, or Direct Deposit (USA only).

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Payment by Paxum ( $0.50 processing fee ): Paxum is an e-wallet which you can use to receive your funds. It’s the most popular option among the models who don’t live in the US. After signing up and providing them with all the required ID documents you can request a debit card that you can use on any ATM. You can also transfer money directly from your Paxum account to your Bank account. 

The Paxum card can take up to 20 business days to be ready to be shipped and after that, 5-20 days are required for postal mail delivery. It’s a handy option for those outside the US and with fewer fees too.  You can sign up here.

2-Cosmo Pay

Payment by COSMO Pay ( $1.00 processing fee ): Cosmopay is another online payments processor mainly for UK based performers. They also offer a prepaid card suitable to use on any ATM.

Cosmo Pay is present on more than 150 countries and has over 50.000 users right now so it’s a solid choice.

3- Epayservice

Epayservice is another E-Wallet which has a nice user interface and is really easy to use. Wires from the US don’t have any fees, so is a good option for those US based models who don’t want to get their money using the Direct Deposit method. Visit their site here.


Skrill is a famous e-wallet service available for many countries. They’re reliable but their fees can be a bit higher than other services so check them out. Visit their site here.


If you have a Bitcoin wallet at Coinbase or any other crypto platform you just have to enter the address from your Chaturbate account and the funds will go there.

It’s an advanced method and certainly more complicated to use than average, so we recommend it only if you have previous experience with cryptocurrencies.

6-Mail check

Check sent by mail ( No processing fee ): If you wish to receive checks you can do so. Keep in mind this option is only recommended for USA based performers. Shipping can take weeks for international models so if you live outside the US, choose another option.

chaturbate payment methods
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7-Direct deposit

Payment by Direct Deposit ( No processing fee, USA Only ): This is the preferred option for US-based performers. Is the fastest option and there are no fees involved, which is always a nice thing.


Payment by Wire ( $45 processing fee ): It’s the option I personally use. I don’t live in the USA and a $45 fee is something I can live with. I’d rather have the money in my bank account than anywhere else.

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  1. Hi there i am model chaturbate for a while , and i was request payment by Wire , i was doing all steps but , i get email from chaturbate about , i need send some photo etc , i was doing then same , but when i try to age verification they send on my email link , i already uploaded when i start my account work , if was not worth i can t get tokens , so why they still send me link on email about i must age verification ? when i do it , they declined , so what i should do for get my money on my account bank ????

  2. Hy…I’m new from Africa…I chose wire as my payout info…I tried withdrawing the first 280 tokens I got to see if it works but the money didn’t come and it didn’t go back to my cb account either…so I was wondering if that happened since it’s minimum cash out is 10000 tokens or because of where I am from…I have over 10000 tokens now but I’m afraid to cash out …..please help…I really need the money guys

  3. Hi I have just linked my paxum to CB ,I’m confused about transaction approval codes on paxum I hope CB can easily send payments into my paxum without them requesting for my transaction approval codes.

  4. hello, is it possible to get payed by paxum to a paypal account or in dollars, or does paxum convert tokens to local coin?

    thanks you!

    • Hi

      From what I’ve read you can do that with an Exchange Service. It’s just I don’t know which ones are good. There may be some risks using exchanges that are not reliable. I advise caution.

  5. Do checks and the envelopes show chaturbate or are they discreet? My husband doesn’t know I’m doing this haha. And I know he wouldn’t want to join.

  6. Hi, I just became a cam girl (from South Africa). I checked the available options to tranfer money and the only ONE I think can work would be the wire to a south african account. Do you know if this was done before and how long it takes? Is there any other option for south africans?

    • Hi. Wire transfers should work no matter what country you live in. If that method is ok to you use it. Wires take place a few days after each period. So if it’s the end of the month you should get the money 4-5 days after and if it’s day 15 the same.

      • Wire works in my country but will my bank know that the money are coming from an adult related website ? Will it mention ”chaturbate ? sorry if the answer is an obvious one im just starting out and im kinda stressed. what if my bank rejects the money because they dont support adult service ?

  7. Hi,
    did anybody else realize that epayments temporarily suspended all accounts for “updating processes to ensure epayments as a secure platform” ??

    • Heh John what did you end up using ? I tried paxum but their website didn’t work when trying to load my address. Not sure how to get paid yikes !

      • I had the same problem. I currently use wire transfer. The fee is high but I save my payouts and cash out once a month instead.

    • Im also looking for the best option in canada. Paxum has taken almost a month to verify my account! Way too long. And camsoda only offers wire, Paxum or a check for me (which i dont think will work because it will be in usd)
      Right now i think wire would be my most reliable, if not only option.

  8. Please can you tell me when I can inform Chaturbate of my method of being paid . I plan on broadcasting in a couple of weeks time. I don’t want to lose the NEW tag by clicking broadcast early can I do it beforehand

    • You should have your payment method ready before signing up. Make an account with any of the supported payment methods ( Paxum, Epayments, etc ) and once it is ready you can add it to your Chaturbate account. It is not mandatory to have the physical bank card some of them provide in order to get paid though.

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