How to sign up for Chaturbate in 2024 step by step

Guide on how to become a Chaturbate model

If you want to know how to sign up for Chaturbate, follow this simple tutorial where we'll guide you through the whole process step by step. Let's go!

First, click on the button below.

the easiest cam site is chaturbate

Step 1: Fill out the registration form

Fill out the form below. We've highlighted it in green.

how to sign up for chaturbate

Choose your username wisely, this will be your cam model name. You can't change it later, so take a moment to think about it. We recommend to use something sexy or at least that has something to do with you and your broadcast style. Once you are done, you'll already be logged in.

Step 2: Click on “Broadcast yourself”

how to sign up for chaturbate

Click on “Broadcast yourself”. You can reach that section from anywhere inside Chaturbate. We've highlighted it in green.


After that, you'll see a warning notice. Read it and make sure you comply with the broadcasting regulations. Click on “I agree”.

Step 3: Configure your webcam

how to sign up for chaturbate

This section assumes that your webcam is installed and configured correctly. It's no big deal, you just need to download and install the webcam drivers, and plug it in. If you need further assistance contact your webcam manufacturer website.

Now focus on the green highlighted area. That's where you configure your webcam. Here you'll have to allow access to your webcam. Click on the “Allow” button to have access to the configuration menu. The first option, “Camera” allows you to select your broadcasting device. Click on the drop-down menu, and select your webcam.

The resolution option allows you to select the screen format. Depending on your webcam's features, you'll have more or fewer options here. Image quality allows you to change the broadcast bit rate. A low image quality value will result in a more pixelated picture.

We recommend to keep it as high as you can without dropping too many frames per second. Try to keep your broadcast speed close to 20 fps or more. A smooth broadcast will be greatly appreciated by your audience. This parameter is heavily dependant on the upload speed of your internet connection so make a few tests, and find reasonable resolution/image quality combo.

Step 4: Verify your age and identity

how to sign up for chaturbate

To earn money on Chaturbate, you have to verify your age. To do so, you have to sign a document and send a couple of pictures. Click on the “Agree to the performer agreement” section first.

how to sign up for chaturbate

Fill out the fields and once you are done, click on the “Display / Update agreement” button.

chaturbate register

You can see highlighted in green the sections you need to fill out. For your signature, use your full name and click on ” I agree “.

signing up for chaturbate

Go back to the previous menu. Now you have to send 2 pictures. One clear picture of your ID card, from both sides and another one holding it. It's like taking a selfie while holding your ID card. Make sure the ID card is clearly visible along with your face.

NOTE: If you don't know how to show both sides of your ID card in just one picture, there are online tools that can do the work for you. This one, for example, can do it quickly. Just click on the “Add” buttons, and select the pictures you need to merge. When you're ready, click on “Generate Image” and save the file.

We're done!. Chaturbate will get in touch with you quickly and will tell you if your age verification request has been approved.

Step 5: Payout information

Your payout information must be filled out before broadcasting so get back to the Token Stats tab, and click on the “Payment information form” link, just below. Fill out all the fields. If you live in the US the recommended payout method is Direct Deposit. If not, we recommend Payoneer as your payment method.

Step 6: Configure your chat room

how to sign up for chaturbate

Now we just have to configure our chat room. In the green section, you can see different options. Let's take a look at the tabs section first

“My Bio” tab allows you to change information about who you are, where are you from, what you like, etc. Below you can upload pictures or videos, and charge for them. Usually, models charge between 200 / 300 tokens per item.

The “Settings & Privacy” tab allows you to block countries among other things. Select which regions you want to be blocked. Don't block too many regions, or you'll restrict your potential audience.

From here you can also select how much you want to charge per minute for your private shows. You can charge up to 90 tokens per minute. As always, remember more does not mean better necessarily. A low value might be better to bring new customers to your room. You can change it anytime you want, though.

The “Token Stats” tab allows you to see your earnings and also to convert your tokens into real money. Remember that you have to do that before the payment period ends. There are 2 payment periods each month.

Step 7: Set up your apps and bots

how to sign up for chaturbate

To maximize your earnings you have to configure both apps and bots. Click on the “Apps & Bots” tab. You can select 1 app and up to 3 bots.

Apps are little programs that allow you to set the room’s theme. You can do many things with apps: play games with your audience, show the highest tipper, auto reset tip goal… there are many available.

Click on the most popular ones and decide which type of show you want to do. Every app has a configuration page where you select the parameters needed for it to work.

It’s not complicated but you have to take some time to fill out your goals and how much tokens you want before taking action.

Take your time here. Letting your audience know what your demands are is extremely important.

Bots are little programs that help you with your broadcast. Bots are used for things like showing notifications to your audience automatically, show your tippers leaderboard, auto thank your tippers, auto Moderate messages containing words specified by you… etc.

Bots are really useful to keep control of your room and to get rid of someone you don’t like.

That’s it. Now you know how to sign up for Chaturbate. That was easy right? Now that you have your account, it's time to learn the basics on how to make money on Chaturbate.

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