Chaturbate payment methods

chaturbate payment methods

Chaturbate currently supports 7 different payment methods. 1-Epayments Epayments ( No processing fee ): Epayments is an international payments provider which allows people to send and receive money accross borders.  It makes easy to pay employees and providers and accept direct payments from websites like Chaturbate. Epayments is authorized by FCA and they issue Mastercard … Read more

How many tokens you should charge on Chaturbate

how many tokens charge on chaturbate

Hi. I’m a webcam model and new performers usually ask how many tokens charge on Chaturbate for actions like toy show, get naked, oil show,shower show, finger pussy, flash boobs, flash butt, etc. My answer is always the same: “Depends”. If you are new and your regular audience is non existant or very low, you should charge low … Read more

Chaturbate token value

chaturbate token value

Hi. All my name is Rebecca and i’m gonna show you the true value of Chaturbate’s tokens. Many people ask about this so i thought it was a good idea to write a post about it. For starters, the value of Chaturbate’s tokens is different depending on whether you are a broadcaster or a cam … Read more

Chaturbate tips to make more money


The best Chaturbate tips from successful cam girls Want to know which are the best Chaturbate tips to make money? Improve your performance on Chaturbate with these videos. Made by successful performers, they’ll teach you what’s important, and how to increase your income. Buy some gear first Many cam girls use vibrators while broadcasting online. … Read more

My earnings so far in 2016


Update: Check out our most up to date earnings report, where you’ll see how lucrative webcam modeling still is. Hi, my name is Brenda, and i’ve been working with Chaturbate since June 2015. Like many of you, i do this to make some money from home, but there’s also a strong sexual desire i need … Read more

Daily payouts added to Chaturbate

chaturbate daily payments

Would you like to make daily withdraws on Chaturbate? Now you can!. Chaturbate recently added a new feature that allows all US based broadcasters to make daily withdraws from their Chaturbate accounts. The only requirement is to have received 2 pay period payments from Withdrawal requests Monday to Friday before 7 am EST will … Read more