Jerkmate review: Is it worth checking out?

jerkmate review

If you’re on the market for a new cam site to frequent, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. The best part about being a viewer of cam models is that you get to determine how you spend your time, while other cam sites will have you waiting until the model is ready to reveal the goods.

A lot of people have questions about Jerkmate price or even wonder if they can use Jerkmate free, all of which will be covered in this article today.

The website makes a lot of promises to those who haven’t signed up just yet, and it only makes sense to question something that you’re seeing advertised on PornHub at 4 AM. As an expert in the cam site realm myself, I felt it was only right to put together a comprehensive review about Jerkmate!

Spending your money in the right place is much harder than you would think, and that rings especially true should you be looking for the “perfect” cam site.

Before we get down into the gritty details of Jerkmate, I’ll give you a quick overview of the pros and cons I felt came with using the Jerkmate platform!

Pro’s & Con’s


Creating an account was very easy when it came to Jerkmate, and you can even streamline the process by signing in with Google. It isn’t a necessity though, so no need to worry about your friends or family figuring out what you’re up to.

The website can be used for free, as using Jerkmate free is merely a matter of staying within the freemium chats. You won’t get to enjoy the private shows or exclusive content available from some models, but it’s still viable! Jerkmate control gives you a chance to control a model's vibrator in real-time, so it’s almost like you’re in the room with them.

If you wanted to pay and go the extra mile, you can go private with any model you’d like. You’ll be able to see their webcam and stream one of your own, giving you a mutual masturbation session that cannot be found elsewhere.

If you’re scared of using your credit card, no need to worry if Jerkmate is safe; you can deposit funds using PayPal and skip the credit card process altogether. Not only that, but the customer support representative that helped me during my Jerkmate trials was both quick and understanding.

  • Create an account for free (and with ease)
  • Possible to use the entire site for free
  • Pay to earn exclusive one-on-one opportunities with hot models
  • Accepts alternative forms of payment (PayPal)
  • Customer support is always ready and willing to help Jerkmate users!

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There are still a few cons associated with the site, although most of them can be overlooked by anybody willing to pay (which is likely the majority of you reading this). You can take control of the sex toys models are using by purchasing tokens, which is a typical process for anybody who hasn’t used a cam site before.

Most of the women will be chatting with multiple men at once, and if you’re looking for that exclusive chat vibe, Jerkmate doesn’t offer it in abundance. Even when I paid for a one-on-one conversation with somebody, it seemed like they were just trying to rush me through the entire thing.

There were also times where some of my most sought-after models weren’t online, and I didn’t see them sign in for well over a week. I understand that people have their own lives, but what else am I supposed to do!

There were also times where I would sign on and see my “go-to girl” in a private chat with somebody else, but I suppose that’s to be expected. The UI (User Interface) was a bit complicated as well, as I hadn’t used the website before and wasn’t too sure where to begin.

  • One-on-one shows cost money
  • Most models will be chatting with multiple men
  • Sometimes your ideal model won’t be available for extended periods
  • The UI can be a bit complicated at first

Is It Easy to Sign Up for a Jerkmate Account?

Signing up for Jerkmate is one of the easiest things to do since your Jerkmate account is going to be 100% free. If you’ve already signed up for a Google account in the past it’s going to be even easier, as you’ll only need to connect your account and sign in that way.

If you plan on spending a lot of time on Jerkmate, you may want to create an individual Gmail account that’s used strictly for Jerkmate purposes. There were times when I was getting my Jerkmate emails alongside business proposals, although it’s a problem that can be easily avoided!

You can sign up for Jerkmate here and entering your email, as well as desired password. If you use the Google method of signing in you won’t have to create an account at all, and that’s a testament to the legitimacy of Jerkmate itself.

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What kind of models will I find on Jerkmate?

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If you aren’t going to connect with hot models that make your blood boil (in a good way, of course), what’s the point of even signing up in the first place?

Jerkmate is known for having some of the hottest female models on the web, but that doesn’t mean you’re only going to find one type of performer. There are plenty of different models that will cater to everybody, so regardless of your fetish, there’s bound to be a stream out there for you! Interacting with the models is a pleasure in itself, as some of them have some great conversations to offer up.

To be more specific, let’s say that you’re someone who prefers a heavier lady. It isn’t the most popular category on Jerkmate, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be left without options – there’s a bit of something for all walks of life when you join Jerkmate. Some of the more popular model categories would be:

  • MILF
  • Young/Teen
  • Big Ass
  • BBW
  • Asian
  • Anal
  • And much more!

Other cam sites are more suitable for people who prefer the “traditional” cam model with fake titties and a blown-out ass, but Jerkmate is great when it comes to keeping things flexible. If you’re somebody who prefers a different gender, there’s even Jerkmate gay to consider taking a look at.

Is Jerkmate Free?

Jerkmate can be free, but that’s only depending upon how you approach using the platform. Some people will choose to focus on the Freemium aspect of Jerkmate, which will allow them to experience public chats without spending a dime.

If you plan on getting to know any of the models on a personal level, you can expect to spend a decent amount of money doing so. By buying tokens and tipping them, they’ll begin to learn that you’re a serious (and frequent) viewer!

Jerkmate can be a costly hobby to take up if you aren’t careful since some of the hottest models on there use things like a “tip wheel” to make as much money as possible. You can’t knock their hustle at all, and it’s only fair that they maximize their profits, I just wish they would have given me more of a show for free is all!

Realistically, that could just be my cheapskate mentality. I’m not the sort of person who’s going to pay for a cam model I can’t imagine seeing naked within the next 20 minutes, but everybody has their personal preferences.

Is Jerkmate Safe?

Safety can be a major concern for anybody interested in cam sites, as you’re going to be putting in a lot of personal information for them to verify. If you plan on making payments and purchasing tokens, you’ll want to know that your information is accounted for beforehand!

Jerkmate does a fantastic job of keeping user data safe and secure, but they also give you the option to load up your account using PayPal should you prefer to keep things more private.

Whenever a website gives you the ability to sign in with Google, you know that their process is going to be legit. PayPal and Google would never be involved with a cam site that was out to prey on potential customers, and there’s also no way that they can spam your email or make unauthorized transactions to your credit card.

Different Payment Methods

As I’ve touched on earlier in the article, there are several ways to make payments when you’re using Jerkmate. Whether you’re somebody who is located in a region that doesn’t allow credit card payments, or you’re just looking to keep things secure, using the alternative forms of depositing funds will keep you covered.

I was in the same situation at one point, as I was overseas for work and couldn’t use a credit card to purchase tokens – as most of you reading this know, it’s impossible to “scratch that itch” without using a cam site like Jerkmate.

I found myself loading up funds into my account on several occasions, but PayPal made that process a simple one. I never had to wait for the funds to clear and I was able to purchase tokens almost immediately, which is much better than some of the alternative cam sites I’ve tried in the past.

The whole “post-nut clarity” thing is something that stuck with me while using Jerkmate. Since it was so easy to load up funds, I found myself looking back on my total spend in a night and shaking my head in disbelief. The time can pass very quickly when you’re in private chat with an attractive model, and there are times where I had to load up more money to keep things going!

Who is Jerkmate Ad Girl?

A lot of people who are interested in joining Jerkmate are doing so because they were drawn in by the “Jerkmate Ad Girl”. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone if that’s the case – Lily Labeau is the models' name and she’s currently still making porn videos to this day. See her naked by clicking here!

If you thought that you were going to see the Jerkmate Ad Girl when you joined the website, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Although you won’t find Lily Labeau broadcasting on Jerkmate, you can bet your bottom dollar that a similar model will be available.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find your “taste” using Jerkmate. The entire point of the website is to connect you with the model of your dreams and have a one-on-one interaction with them. What is done with that time is entirely up to you, so be sure to look high and low for a model that’s going to fit all of your needs.

Final Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for a free or paid cam site experience, Jerkmate is a website that you can put your faith in for the long haul. They have a large selection of models to choose from to ensure that every user is happy, and loading up funds doesn’t take any longer than a few minutes.

The only person who limits your entertainment on Jerkmate is you (and your bank account), which is why I found it to be a more enjoyable experience than most.

I liked that you could enjoy the platform regardless of whether you were spending money, and most of the models were willing to interact with free users and have a genuine conversation. Most of the time I spend on cam sites consists of hot bimbos shaking their asses and ignoring small tips, but Jerkmate gave me a more personal experience.

At the end of the day, you’re paying to have a good time with some of the hottest models in the world. Jerkmate operates with a little more finesse than most cam sites, but it’s still one that I would highly recommend checking out.

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