About us

about us

We are a group of cam girls absolutely in love with their jobs. A few years ago we felt there wasn’t enough information on the Internet about webcam jobs, so we decided to build this website to provide the most relevant information about becoming a cam girl and making money.

Many girls interested in making money online don’t know what really matters about becoming a cam girl. Equipment or gear required, hours needed to make a profit, which cam site is the best, etc.

We decided to answer all that questions on this site and many more, so cam girls all around the world understand how to work as a camgirl, how to choose the right cam site, and in the end make money.

For obvious reasons, we can’t disclose our true identities. Privacy is important when you are a successful cam girl but we’re here to help you whenever you need. Just use the contact form and send us a message. ¡We will answer in less than 24 hours!