What are the best apps and bots on Chaturbate?

Apps and bots are just two of the many things that make Chaturbate unique. Many people don’t pay attention to apps and bots and they should since they can help you make more money.

Yes, they are a pain to set up, but they are worth the time and effort. In this post, you’ll see the opinion of 4 different cam models and what apps they use to improve their shows. Let’s get started!

What can you do with apps and bots?

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As you may know, Chaturbate has many customization options for everyone. You can easily set your room’s subject and of course, you can use the famous apps and bots that allow you to customize your chat room in many ways. These apps are designed to help you manage your room, taking care of the repetitive and tedious tasks, such as banning people or blocking rude language.

Another interesting things apps can do for you is to set up games for your audience or certain show types, so you can get more money out of your viewers. One of the most used methods to make money ( especially for couples ) is to set up a hidden cam show and ask for a tip in exchange for the password to access it.

It’s a neat way to make money, because everyone who did not pay will be kicked out from your show and will miss all the action. Ask a fair price for it and you’ll see how your income increases exponentially. But that’s just one way to do things and there are many more.

How to set up Chaturbate’s apps and bots?

Watch this video to learn how to use Chaturbate’s apps and bots. 

What are the best Chaturbate apps?

Model 1: What is your favorite app? Why?

For me personally, the best apps are the token keno game and the hidden cam app. They’re good because they encourage to tip more and many users do.

Model 2: What is your favorite app? Why?

I usually start with token keno its a great starting point and will get people tipping, especially when group tips are enabled. I use some of the voting apps sometimes as well because it helps them to feel like they have a say in what happens.

I try to keep things fun and flirty during the day. I do clitoral cum alot during the day as the main goal. However in the evenings I cam with someone else and it is like night and day between the two shows though.

I rarely catch my daytime regulars in our night time room. For night time shows we usually do a raffle, or password show for top ten tippers. We found that the more intimate the private is the more likely they are to return. So we rarely do anything over 10 in password.

Model 3: What is your favorite app? Why?

I mostly use tip multi-goal. Sometimes I do a repeating low tip app, but that tends to get confusing for me after a little while. A lot of me getting ready for cam is setting up apps.

My biggest peeve is when an app crashes and it’s been crashed for several minutes and I only suddenly realize. My go-to bots are Ultrabot, No Grey Images, and Notifier.

I’ve used Crazyticket with some success (Still kind of new, and nobody seems interested in buying tickets just yet but then again I’ve never made a successful GOLD show on SM either).

I just don’t like that Crazyticket somewhat hijacks my room subject with “Crazyticket Says: [room subject]” Like… bish… keep yo shit outta my shit. But that’s just me.

Model 4: What is your favorite app? Why?

I don’t play around with apps much, I like consistency in my room and I just never really put much time into looking through them. I use Token MultiGoal a lot and have been interested in trying out Keno and stuff like that because I do game nights. I’ve been doing this for a year and a half and I’m very interested in gathering some new ideas!

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  1. I have a friend who just started on CB, she has a Lovesense Toy, and wants to put the meter with time of vibration and users in cue, I’ve looked in apps but don’t see it. Can you please tell me where to find it and what She has to do to configure it.


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