Streamate review: Is it the best private chat cam site?

streamate review

If you want to know everything about Streamate, you've come to the right place. I'm Kira Anderson, and in this Streamate review, I'll tell you everything you need to know about this popular adult cam site. Read on and you'll find out if Streamate is worth it from a professional cam girl's point of view!

What is Streamate?

Streamate is an adult cam site that works mainly with private chats. The site was created in 2003, so it is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) platforms out there. Just think that when Chaturbate was created, Streamate had already been operating for almost 8 years!

Unlike Chaturbate and other cam sites that work mostly with free chats (and tokens), on Streamate, the shows are private. You are not allowed to strip while in public chat and you can only earn money when a user takes you to a private/GOLD show. Alternatively, you can also make money through pre-recorded videos that you can offer for sale directly from your Streamate profile.

Streamate is currently the best private chat cam site around in my opinion and is a perfect alternative for those webcam girls who prefer privately broadcasting instead of using public chats.

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How Does Streamate Work?

As I said, Streamate is a private cam site. This means that for you to earn money, you first have to show yourself in the free chat and convince one of your viewers to pay for a private show – these shows are very lucrative though, as they are priced per minute. The price per minute is chosen by the model, giving you more power over how much money you’ll be earning. 

The site gives every model a significant boost for the first 30-days, which is important to remember. When you first start streaming you’ll be in “Free Chat”, allowing the public chat to see what you’re up to. If one of the viewers decides to take you into a private chat (any of the types applicable), you’ll be taken into a private room and the public chat won’t see what’s going on. After the private show is done, you’ll be right back in the public chat to interact with everyone else.

Members can show even more interest by tipping models with “Gold” on Streamate, and although they are usually small amounts, they can add up to a decent profit over time. Don’t take Gold tips for granted!

Streamate gives models a certain cut of the money earned from their chat each week, which means the more active and entertaining you are, the more money you’re bound to make. 

Usually (and especially) if you are new, you would usually start off with a low rate and slowly work your way up to one that can compete with the “premium models” found on Streamate. 

My First Impression of Streamate

When I first started out on Streamate I didn’t realize that I could set my own rates, and once I did, I decided to start relatively low (compared to other models). As I grew my fanbase, I gradually increased it over time! Now it costs $10.99/min for a private show with me, and $17.99 for an exclusive! You may think that it costs too much and that you’re going to push fans away, but you have to know your worth as a webcam model. I increased my prices and still see the same amount of business. 

How Did I Increase My Rates?

I took this process very slowly, and at times only increased my rates by a dollar each month. Although, on the Weekends or high traffic days I would also try and charge more to find the fans who were dedicated to me. 

If you find that the drop-down menu doesn’t offer the right pricing for you, email support and ask them to add more options. You can have higher and lower amounts added, all you have to do is request them yourself. 

How Much Do I Earn on Streamate?

Streamate is a great solution for models who don't want to offer token shows. It is currently the best website to offer private shows, but you have to keep in mind that you need to know how to get your viewers into a private chat. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending hours waiting for someone to take you up on the offer (and that's boring!).

Later on in this article, I’ll cover some tips you can use to make money on Streamate; but for now, I will talk a bit about my earnings. While performing on Streamate I make about $100 an hour or so, while broadcasting 2 to 4 hours a day. The week before writing this article, I earned almost $2000, so in total my earnings are somewhere between $6000 and $8000 a month.

Sounds amazing, right? Keep in mind that I am consistent and I stream every day, and I don’t stop on the weekends. With that level of income though, I feel like I can take a break whenever I want to. Working 2 or 3 hours a day is not the same as working 8 hours a day and this is much better than any 9 to 5 job I’ve had in the past. This gives me a lot of time to focus on other things in life and even pursue some side hustles that make me even more money!

What Types of Shows Are There?

On Streamate there are mainly 2 types of shows:

Exclusive: In these, the session is exclusively between the model and the user. This is what I would call the “classic” private chat. It is charged per minute and always applies pricing according to the model's rates.

 GOLD Shows: These are a form of group shows that allow all GOLD members to get in on the action, which is perfect for when you want to target big spenders. Members can gather up and wait for your GOLD show to start, but they will not be billed if you decide to cancel it or end the show prematurely – this is where dedicating yourself to the job becomes even more important. 

What is a “Streamate GOLD Member”?

On Streamate, they use a currency known as “Gold” to pay models. This is a token that always mimics the value of a US Dollar, although models only receive a portion of each one after Streamate takes their cut. 

Payment Methods on Streamate

For viewers, there are 4 payment methods are available: 

  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Paysafecard
  • Sofort
  • Paypal

For models, payment methods vary depending on where you live but include the likes of:

  • Check, 
  • Wire Transfer
  • International e-Wallet Accounts (such as Paxum)

Payments are issued weekly allowing models to count on their Streamate income if necessary!

Personal Streamate Tips

These are a few tips and tricks I personally used to climb my way to the top! The first thing I would suggest is not forcing people to tip if they want to talk to you at all. At the end of the day, time is money but you have to be willing to talk on this site. They’re in your chat to interact with you and after I started using a “10 Gold to Chat” status on Streamate (because it worked on other sites) I had little to no success. Sites like Chaturbate thrive on stuff like that because there are often so many users and models are focused on making money in public chat, as opposed to using private shows. 

When you’re on Streamate, you have to be approachable and give them a personal experience, but also weed out any potential “freeloaders”. If somebody shows interest in you, just say something like “oh baby, we can talk more in private if you’d like!”.

Raising your prices should be an obvious goal for any model reading this, or even somebody who hasn’t started yet. While you may feel like you have to be cheap to get a bit of promotion at first, you can still increase your prices (remember, slowly but surely!). I started out at around $7.99 a minute and have since nearly tripled that price for both Private and Gold shows. Don’t be afraid to increase your prices and force people to pay you what you’re most certainly worth. 

  • Be mean (or nice, whatever the viewers want!)

There are times when you’ll have to sweet-talk the men and coax them into a private chat, but that’s okay. Remember, there are also times when they want you to be mean (or arrogant, even). It can be confusing, but you’ll figure it out, trust me. 

Men can get a kick out of when you tell them to “eat shit” or even that you’ll put them in their place in a Private chat. Those who are watching a webcam model are likely to be kinky anyway, so don’t be afraid to cater to your mean side a little bit. Being nice can go a long way too though, so find a sweet spot and balance things out. 

  • Stay Engaged with the Viewers

Guys don’t want to watch a girl who’s looking at her phone or preoccupied with other things in life, that much I can tell you. Whenever I would look at my phone, people would give me hell, so stay engaged with the chat at all times.

You can sit there with some music playing and talk to people a bit, or even just dance! There are plenty of different things you can do to keep the chat entertained, but also not give away “too much” for free. 

  • Have the Right Music

When it comes to selling clips on Streamate you aren’t allowed to have any of your own music playing, although it’s allowed when it comes to streaming in general. Paid clips will always need to use content that is provided from the Streamate music library. 

Conclusion: Is Streamate Worth It?

I definitely think Streamate is the best private chat site out there right now, and you should try it if you feel more comfortable with that option (as opposed to public chat). It’s also worth considering if you haven’t found success on other platforms like Chaturbate. 

Personally, I alternate between Chaturbate and Streamate with great success. So far, I am doing quite well and have no complaints. I think you can try Streamate as a novice without fear, as it is a very reliable site with almost 20 years of experience. 

Secure Income for Webcam Models!

Not only that, it’s one where you have the usual methods of protection (such as the option to block specific regions from viewing your stream). In addition, Streamate never penalizes performers for charge-backs or card declines! Even if some slimeball tries to scam a performance out of you, you’re always going to get paid. 

In my personal opinion, I feel like Streamate is worth checking out even if you’re okay with the public chat platforms. Private chats can be incredibly lucrative and allow you to build personal relationships with some of the biggest spenders around. I’d give it a 5 out of 5 and suggest you sign up to get started as soon as possible. 

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  1. Iwant to make a little extra money on the side. So what is the best earning can site for someone who would be camming part time, prefer more privacy and a toned down vibe and preferably be able to make my own schedule so it fits any time of day to be on there and itll still have fairly high traffic etc? Also anyone ever make selling feet pics etc worth while or is it just a waste of time? Best earning sites for that? All i know is feet finder lol… OH & whats like a good chat room for meeting more local people (mainly just females) to (doesnt mean to just hook up with HA) make friends on and meet ppl who share similar hobbies etc? Apparently making friends as an adult is wayyyyy harder than it looks .. thanks!

    • So what is the best earning can site for someone who would be camming part time, prefer more privacy and a toned down vibe and preferably be able to make my own schedule so it fits any time of day to be on there and itll still have fairly high traffic etc? Based on what you just said, try Streamate or first.

      Also anyone ever make selling feet pics etc worth while or is it just a waste of time? In my experience it’s not worth it, but it may work for you, who knows. You can add the pics to your cam profile anyway, it’s passive earnings after all.

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