How much are Chaturbate tokens in 2024?

chaturbate token value

Hi all. My name is Rebecca, I'm a cam model on Chaturbate and I'm gonna show you the true value of Chaturbate tokens. Many people have asked me about this so I thought it would be a good idea to write a post. Understanding the actual cost of Chaturbate tokens is crucial, especially considering it's among the best cam sites, arguably the best.

For starters, the value of Chaturbate tokens is different depending on whether you are a broadcaster or a viewer. For the latter, the price goes from $13.98 to $9.08 per 100 tokens. The final price depends on how much tokens the buyer pays at once.

Chaturbate token value for viewers

  • 50 tokens: $6.99
  • 100 tokens: $10,99 
  • 200 tokens: $20.99 ( 5% bonus )
  • 400 tokens: $39.99 ( 10% bonus )
  • 550 tokens: $49.99 (21% bonus )

You can pay by using:

  • Credit / Debit card
  • Paysafecard
  • Sofort
  • Epoch
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies

Chaturbate token value for broadcasters

For broadcasters, Chaturbate takes 40% to 50% of the amount paid by the viewers, and that's where they make money. In other words: Chaturbate will pay you $5 for every 100 tokens you make.

The figures in your broadcaster account show your own share and if the amount is over $50 you are free to withdraw to your preferred payment method. Chaturbate takes their share when the buyers buy tokens, so the figures you see in your account after broadcasting are final.

I said earlier that 100 tokens equal five dollars. Start multiplying and you'll get this:

  • 20 tokens: $1
  • 100 tokens: $5
  • 500 tokens: $25
  • 1000 tokens: $50
  • 10000 tokens: $500

Are you interested now? Would you like to know how much money you can make as a broadcaster on Chaturbate? Just click on this link.

Requirements to broadcast on Chaturbate

Broadcasters need to get their age verified in order to get payments. You just need to send pictures and fill out some forms.

Make sure you comply with Chaturbate's rules. There are not that many really and is probably the cam site that gives more freedom to the broadcasters. The most important rule you have to follow is not to broadcast in public places where other unaware individuals may show up.

Making money on Chaturbate depends on many factors, but perseverance plays a key role. If you are going to take it seriously, just take a look at our Chaturbate tips post and learn how to configure the apps and bots by following this link.

60 thoughts on “How much are Chaturbate tokens in 2024?”

  1. I’m a 55 yo male. I’ve been doing chat on and off for about 8 months. I can tell you there is money to be made. Sometimes I’m fit, sometimes not. Know your audience. Block the aholes. I should use a moderator. I’ve offered to be a mod for my best friend because the aholes make her feel like crap when she’s on.

    Either way, you can make money at any age, I’m not young but I average usually over $150 when I’m on for a few hours. My friend is young and exceptionally pretty. She doesn’t do it often but we figured out her true earnings and she averages over $250 an hour when she is on.

    I don’t talk much to my audience, she does(but she also doesn’t use a mod and ends up pissed at the aholes who get on). Point is, you can shame the work, talk bad about it, but all that is hypocrisy because everyone there is doing the same thing at either end of the spectrum. It can be fun and liberating, it can make you money at any age. I’ll never get rich doing it, my friend could be a millionaire if she coupled it with other things. Dont go into it with a bad mindset, or let other aholes on the site ruin it for you.

    Engage your viewers one way or another and have fun doing it. Even if you don’t get rich it gives you some uninhibited freedom and some extra income(think car, insurance, light, phone, gas, cable ect.) that so many people miss out on because of fear, hangup, shame, or aholes.

    At my age I don’t have time for any of that, if you are young and beautiful you don’t want to get to my age and say if only I had done it when I was young and beautiful.
    Yes its real, yes you can make money(in many cases lots of it).

    Toss your hangup to the side and try to do something you haven’t done before. If it doesn’t work at first, keep changing things up until you find the formula and the viewers that are right for you.
    Best of luck

    • random guy my girl just said that’s real talk I’m trying to tell her you know we a couple 55 and youngers and we fuck like banshees we ought to get paid so it’s a quote her that’s real talk

  2. CB does not take 40 to 50% of your earnings. CB takes 50% of your earnings. Your tokens are worth $0.05 each when you cash out. There were $0.10 each when you spend them. CB sells tokens in packages so you actually get slightly more for the value when you buy them in bulk. But as just 1 token, they’re always worth $0.10 when you buy them and $0.05 when you cash out.

  3. Hi, I am a mature male model on Chaturbate looking to broadcast with a female – female can keep all the tokens !

    I am in London

    Let me know if you are interested

    • Oh if only you were in my country 😭

    • Mind having someone from another country from another race?

  4. Don’t forget girls working in a studio can have another 15-25 percent taken from token value as well. If you have the equipment, do it from home.

  5. I have a friend whose page was suddenly banned for reasons unknown to her. She is very worried that CB will withhold her half of the 40,000 tokens that she earned because CB is apparently banning many models lately. Her many model friends have been banned lately and claim that CB did not pay the accumulated earnings.
    Has anyone encountered this and what happened to you?

    • Yes this actually happened to me.

  6. So Chaturbate charges the user, let’s say $62.99 for 750 tokens AND only gives the model .05 per token? It sounds like a scam to me. That seems very unfair to the model. Would it make any difference to cam from home?

    • You didn’t undestand it correctly. CB gives the model half of what the user paid. In this case the model would get $ 31.4. There are some cases where the models can get a higher %.

      • That is NOT what your text above says: According to the text the model gets 0.05$ (5ct) per token, no matter what the user paid. That means: If he paid 39.99$ for 400 tokens, that would be closest to 50%, if he paid more for more tokens, the model would get a higher percentage, if he paid less, the model’s percentage would be lower. I’m confused.

    • They give 0.5 or 50%
      Not 0.05 or 5%
      Math is not difficult

      • You’re evidently not too good either. The 0.05 should be presented thus – $0.05. This is how much per token paid to them each of the models gets (per cam in fact, because if there are 2 or more models performing then the tokens are split).

        The amount in percentage works out *around* 50%, of the take which is paid to the model/s.

        Evidently, maths is difficult for some.

  7. I have a question, i had an account in studio but would like to start broadcasting from home. Is it possible to create a new account on the same ID?

    • I think you’ll have to create a new account, but before doing so, please contact Chaturbate. They’ll give you a more precise answer.

    • Hello Mia,
      for sure u can create your own profile but can’t use the same ID if it’s registered from studio.

  8. Do models that are working in a studio using studios computer and camera make the same tokens per minute listed above or do they have to pay a fee for using studios equipment? Thanks for the helpful information.

    • The studios usually take a % from the models. Depending on the studio they could charge for equipment too.

    • Most of the Filipino & South American guys on Chaturbate who broadcast from a studio pay the boss of the studio 50% of the tokens they earn. 😯

      They use the studio’s computer, internet, furniture and shower. Some of the guys live in basic accommodation the studio rents to them. Many are barely keeping their head above water. 😢

      • Thanks for pointing this important fact out!
        (Many are also forced to make a minimum amount of tokens -usually 1000- before being allowed to sign out)

  9. I was thinking of working on chaturbate but was not very clear about how the tokens worked. Now it is clearer to me to know if it is convenient for me to register there

  10. Tyvm. Good info. It’s nice to know the exchange rate if you will. Then I can know if I’m being a cheapskate or if maybe someone is charging a silly rate. Plus now that I know. Chaturbate’s cut seems a bit high considering all they do is provide a platform. And they charge the viewer a rate above the actual value on purchase of the tokens and then take a cut from the provider too. In my opinion the provider should get the lion share.

  11. Im confused can someone help me… I’m a male broadcaster.

    how dose a broadcaster initiate a private viewing.?… Note i get a pm to join someones pvt and it cost me…….. i initiate… it cost me…. so the questions is how do other broadcasters ask you to watch their shows so they get paid.. how do i initiate it for some one to watch me where Im getting paid.”? is there a string of bits or and icon i press…. STEPS?

  12. hey guys. I need some help. I am on Chaturbate since few weeks and accidentaly I made a stupid mistake. I was broadcasting and in the meantime a friend of mine came to see me. I minimalized the page, turned off the sound but forgot to turn off camera- my laptop was still on because I put some music on. Unfortunately the camera caught him for a moment and now my account is blocked – I need to send verification of another broadcaster :/ It is a complete mistake – There is no possibility to ask my friend for ID photo and a photo with his face next to ID. I wrote to CU support and they said that there’s is nothing they can do without age verification ( he is 36 ) and I need to add another user’s photos. I was thinking about asking another broadcaster for help and for example exchange photos to make him sure that I am an honest person. I will just add them to unblock my account and that’s it. I have 3600 tokens there I can pay to sb. Please advice what to do.

    • Sorry for the silly question, but did you tell them it was a mistake? Cam sites can be really unreasonable in situations like this. Maybe if they review the footage, they’ll see you were not “working” with that person. Best of luck!

    • exchange photos? you’re asking to be banned for life

  13. Chaturbate is a joke. I was just starting out modeling had all my verification done. According to another user I created a stalker who just reports my account. Well they have done nothing to fix it and still I was reported. I hope no other girls run into the issue I had. Dont get on peoples bad side and definitely dont accept help.

  14. I am just a rather large supporter for select CB models… Does anyone know if I am supporting the model more if she gets a large token tip from me versus outside gifts such as amazon gift cards?

    • I am a model who loves a good supporter 🙂 Outside gifts are only better because you are giving your money’s worth vs. the site taking a 40-60% cut by having you purchase the tokens then only paying out .05 for each token earned. Tips are always very much appreciated and motivating though!

    • The more tips a broadcaster gets per minute the more he/she cashes as bonuses from the platform whichever camsite it is. Also some locations don’t allow Paxum and some models just rather not use it which means they need to earn 500 dollars (10,000tks) minimum before they can convert tks and cash out (every time). Payouts are twice a month. Personally, I don’t take gift cards because it is a safety hazard and I cannot pay bills with gift cards. I prefer to separate gifts as gifts if at all and pay as pay. The best thing you can possibly do is follow the model on Twitter & check other direct fully anonymous payment methods.

    • As far as I know (and I’m still pretty new at this, so don’t quote me but…. ) models get paid .05¢ per token. They get paid the same no matter what amount you tip.

      I would say stick with the Amazon gift cards. However, many models won’t do exchanges unless it’s with tokens being paid upfront thru the platform, in fear of getting screwed over.

  15. This is SO helpful, thank you! I have many attributes but being good a figuring math isn’t one of them… Thanks for keeping it simple!

  16. I’ve been doing this for 4 days and made over 200$

  17. How would the models actually be sent the money?

    • Once you have over $50 in your account you get the money through your selected payment method. You only have to convert your tokens to real money in your Chaturbate user account.

      • but chaturbate pays in dollars? or where is the conversion to cash done? in chaturbate or in paxum?
        thank you so much for the info <3

        • They pay in dollars. The conversion is done in your selected payment method, in this case Paxum.

  18. As I understand it you can select your audience – i.e. – block your own location / country

    • Yes

    • In theory yes, in practice CB has online partners that are allowed streaming a direct copy of shows as a cam is live. In theory the model can opt out from it on CB but in practice many of the sites set like this aren’t even partners. Some of these also take an amount of screenshots automatically and save them. These sites declare to be “promotional” pages made to help the model but in practice they wouldn’t exist for that reason alone. It is claimed by these sites the model can verify her profile and then control it by sending full details. Needless to say it isn’t ideal to send all your info into these. People fall for it because derivatives do not replicate a model’s geo-blocking settings. Some of these sites are also involved in AI research and that is the main possible explanation to why these actually exist. This said if a derivative site isn’t a partner the camsite will respond if one, as a model, sends them a found page and enquire about it. They will also eventually send a DMCA for the content.

  19. Id like to do this but im scared that if someone knows me they will put my business all out there.will i get seen by people in my hometown??

    • Chaturbate has a geographic blocking feature that allows you to select which regions, countries or even states your broadcast wont appear.

  20. I want to do this too. Any suggestions would be nice.

    • There are many suggestions i can help with.

  21. Hola me gustaria ser independiente pero no se como hacer para registrarme y q me lleguen los pagos a mi.

  22. I would like to start performing on her as a couple, If there are any women interested in being my partner please email me at

  23. Wanting to know how to start up my own cam

  24. Hi Rebecca,
    I found your post on the value of Chaturbate Tokens and want to add a nifty calculator I made that allows a cam model to immediately find out how much the tokens are worth after entering the number of tokens they are interested in. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment, and good job promoting the career of Cam Modelling!

  25. I’m considering doing a couples cam.

  26. Thank you for the information about the value of Chaturbate tokens. Chaturbate a very good when it comes to paying out the tokens. Once every two week from anywhere out side the States, or in some cases you can take money out everyday.

    • chaturbate doesn’t care about the viewers at all. They dont tell you everything in the terms and agreements for things like site glitches that can and did cost me 30% of just bought non used tokens by when moving to a different performer.

      Going to Pvt session with a performer and the performer gets you to do a down payment before entering the pvt room and just logs off. to never to return.

      Try cancelling you subscription and the goes into bot mode to get you to accept a free month membership to a different site only to find the free time was only for 3days not a month and then charging you for the remainder of the month and after the 7 free days they directly charge the fees from your CC or Debit it automatically and renew it over and over. reason being they dont tell you up front.

      The complaints go on and on. dont give them ur debit numbers ever. As for the crazy bot woman after saying to no thanks over 12 times and at least 5 min I had to yell my lungs out to tell her STFU !!! and even then I had to do it 2 more times no free subscription and cancel the one I had.

      One thing and renewing it g you can do to defend themselves from these parasites is to use pre paid CC or Debit. If you happen to use a debit crd from your account for any sketchy site you can ASAP call quality care of your bank and get them to replace your bank card , over and over. have them block cirtain sites otherwise they will take all your money from your account.

  27. Hello, I cammed with a model (in skype, I dint know she was a pro then) and later she contacted me by email and said she will pay me $15 for every cam I will do with her. Obviously its interesting, but I had few questions like – how is this possible for her to pay me when am camming with her. what is the assurance that nobody else is seeing me on cam etc.. More than the money aspect I needed an assurance that noone is seeing me other than the model and that my cam image is not broadcasted online or recorded. She keeps sayings thats the case, and also says, she will be camming with me alone. What I cant fathom is why should she just pay me for doing a private cam with me.. She also said I should have an hd cam. Can someone who know about all this, help me, please…

    • just watch out for this trap, ive read about some horror stories about this, now the girl is suing him for every penny earn for all eternity!!!! my opinion, dont do it, you are your own brand. make money for you !!!!

    • I’m pretty sure she’s not supposed to do that since you’re not age verified…

  28. Good post and good information. Maybe i will think about on some changes! Good to know – Cheers

    • How do u become a broadcaster and not a cam viewer

      • Hi. You have to create a new Chaturbate account and once you are verified you can click on Broadcast, on the top menu. As simple as that.

        • How do you get verified?

          • You must send your ID to Chaturbate

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