How much money i make on Chaturbate

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Three girls show how much money you can make on Chaturbate 

Hi there! I am from Russia, and I’ve been working for Chaturbate for the past 2,5 years and i’d like to share my earnings on Chaturbate, just like the other cam girls who posted here before.

I signed up at the end of February 2016 because i heard it is one of the best cam sites and i wanted to try it. I already had some experience with adult sites because i’ve worked for an studio / agency in my home country.

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My story

I left the studio i was working for, because i wanted to make more money so i started my research. One of the things at the top of my list was working for a free chat cam site.

Working for private only sites can be extremely boring at times, the time passes and there’s not much to do until someone asks you for a private. I wanted to change that and be able to do the shows my way. I knew that with Chaturbate it was possible to do that, and to be honest with you, there’s a massive difference.

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The first days are a bit difficult, because no one knows you and you have to make yourself visible. It’s the only way to bring new customers and money. Luckily Chaturbate’s audience has been better than i expected.

They proved to be really helpful right from the beginning and the most veterans users there always tried to help me. It’s like they were in love with me haha.

I’m not saying that Chaturbate is free from idiots, beggars or whiners, but they are quickly banned and they are not really a problem.

How much i make

Since i joined in February 2016 my earnings have been steadily increasing, which is normal because i get more and more followers every day and i hope to keep it that way. On you can find useful tips and tricks to help you make money. This is not rocket science, once you make a good shows, earnings will come. Spread the word and promote yourself on social media and you’ll see the rewards.

Before joining Chaturbate i already had an Instagram account with some followers that helped obviously. You can do the same. take some sexy selfies and upload them and you’ll see how much followers you get in no time.

Update March 2019

Well, enough chit chat. You came here to know how much i make on Chaturbate. These are my earnings in the first 2 weeks of March 2019. Not bad at all.

how much i make chaturbate 2019

More than $3300 by working 3 hours a day from home in just 15 days!. There are other girls that earn twice as much, but i don’t have the time or the will to do it. Anyway, those are great earnings in my opinion. Other cam girls can say the same, check Kate’s opinion on the best webcam sites and you’ll see why choosing the right one is so important.

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“There’s a lot of money to be made on Chaturbate”

chaturbate earnings

Hi, i am another cam girl here on Chaturbate. I just wanted to tell you how much i earned on Chaturbate to encourage other girls to try this amazing cam site.

Like many others, i love sex and I felt interested right away by Chaturbate and the freedom they give to the performers. I’ve always been kind of naughty and felt like a perfect opportunity to make money.

As you know, working as a cam girl requires some dedication. To make real money you have to take things seriously and never give up. My first days were not the best but i changed a few things i was doing wrong, like changing my working hours all the time and then my earnings started to grow.

It’s quite funny to remember now all the things i did wrong but here i go, remember this and do not make the same mistakes:

  • Try to work everyday: At least a couple hours. You will be easier to find if you keep a regular schedule.
  • Do not change your habits too often: First try to broadcast at different times if possible, and see how well it goes for you and then try to keep broadcasting in the time frame that works best for you.
  • Try to offer something new to your viewers from time to time: Maybe bringing a friend to have sex with him, or a new sex toy, a new location… use your imagination.
  • Remember to use the apps and bots: and use them to let your viewers know how much tokens you want to take action.
  • Try to make a different show if things are not going well: Some girls start their shows almost naked and earn money by using sex toys or having sex with someone.
  • The classic show where the model gets naked when the tips reach the target is not the only way. You can try many different strategies that work equally well. Spy the other girls and you will probably get some ideas.
  • Sell videos and photos from your profile:  You can make a set of photos and upload it to your chat room. The same goes for videos. Once uploaded, you don’t have to be online to earn money this way. You can record yourself having a shower or having sex with someone and sell the videos for 400 tokens each. All the high earning girls do this and consider it a key feature

And now it’s bragging time! Here’s how much money i made on Chaturbate in December 2018. I hope it gives you the motivation to try!

april earnings

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“Cam girls from Europe can also make lots of money on Chaturbate”

Hi, my name is Alessandra, i’m 22 and i’m from Italy. I’ve always been a naughy girl and a bit exhibitionist to be honest. I started looking for ways to make money online and decided to give Chaturbate i try.

I chose Chaturbate because it was well considered among it’s users and i felt it was reliable. 8 months later i’m making over $2k a month, and i’m just working from 22 pm to 1 am.

Just three hours. Like many others, the first weeks were the thoughest because i had very few followers and i had to broadcast more time to achieve results. Making a custom bio profile also helps, because they can see who i am, what i like, what i don’t like and what i’m happy to do on cam.

Prices are also listed on the bio file so the customers know what to expect and so far i think they are quite happy with my shows.

Want to know how much money i’ve made on Chaturbate since i started? Well, i think it’s over $14k. Not bad, it’s like having a job, but without the inconveniences. No commuting, no bosses, no schedules… I broadcast whenever i want and if someone bothers me, i block him immediately, and if i’m busy one of my room moderators gets the job done.

All in all i’m quite satisfied with Chaturbate and i think it’s the best way to start camming. You should try, it’s incredible how much money you can make there.

I already told my friends to try it. Some of them would even be willing to broadcast with me in lesbic shows. I can’t wait to try it. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun, and we’ll make even more money!

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  1. Thanks for your honesty. I’ve been looking for camsites for a while and you convinced me to try Chaturbate a while ago and i think i can make a lot on it. I made over $ 200 in my first week, with no previous experience. Can’t wait to broadcast some more and see how things go.

  2. I agree, i’m also a broadcaster on Chaturbate and to me is the best cam site by far. I’ve tried many, MFC, Streamate, Bongacams, Cam4, well the lot, and i always come back to Chaturbate. I always make twice in half the time.

  3. I have over 1000 followers in Chaturbate and im making over $ 300 a day. I’m not a supermodel. My body is quite normal. I just try to offer fun shows and give my viewers what they want ( there are some limits ) and i think they have fun with me and they reward me as well.

  4. I’ve never tried this kind of thing, and i think this is a good chance to try. I’m in college and i need the money. I’m sure i’m not the only one doing it lol

  5. Yeah, when i finished college last year and to help paying my studies i was broadcasting on chaturbate a couple hours a day. It was great fun and i made good money. Now i don’t have the time but i plan to return with my BF. We’ll make cracking shows!

    • I want to try this but I’m fairly heavily tattooed and have a business. Still, due to situations beyond my control I need extra income. I’m just worried that people will attempt to blackmail me in business circles if they find me on chaturbate.

  6. I weigh over 170 lbs and i’ve never had problems making money on Chaturbate. There are many people who prefer fat girls over skinny ones. If you put good shows your appearance is not as important. I fuck my BF all the time on cam and my followers are happy.

  7. We are a couple and we’ve broadcasted for 2 years on Chaturbate and we can tell you there’s not other place like it. If you are thinking about signing up , don’t think and act. You won’t be disappointed

  8. I made over $ 3400 in December 2015 and i’m making over $ 2000 regularly. I broadcast just 2 hours a day, so all in all i think it’s worth it.

  9. Chaturbate is definitely the best cam site i’ve ever tried. I’ve worked for quite a few in the past months and the only one that gets me over $2k a month consistently is Chaturbate. I work only 2 hours a day and it’s enough to get that kind of earnings. I recommend it to anyone.

  10. Hi, i started working as a webcam model a few months back and i never thought making over $3k a month with a computer was even remotely possible. To any one in doubt, make yourself a favour and start broadcasting today. I swear you can do it. I’m in no way a hot looking girl but i make couple shows with my husband and now we are swimming in money.

  11. I had quite a few disappointments in the past with many of the so called great cam sites like camster or myfreecams. I decided to give it one last chance and i signed up for chaturbate. This turned out to be the best decision of my entire life. I’m 20 years old now and in 4 months i’ve managed to make over $1k a week. Who would have thought working for Chaturbate was going to be the best way to pay college.

  12. I also think that Chaturbate is the best cam site. I do private shows every day and it’s really lucrative. Currently i only work 3 hours a day but i plan to work full time. This is too good to miss.

  13. So the tokens do turn in to money now how would you transfer that money to let’s say a debt card? The website doesn’t really explain anything about that

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