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Many potential cam models look for testimonials and opinions on Chaturbate or other cam sites. It’s very important to choose well because no one wants to work with a bad cam site. Fortunately, Chaturbate features many innovative solutions and has many perks. The most important are the amount of traffic, the chance to make the shows your way or being able to use apps and bots to customize your chat room. All of that makes Chaturbate an attractive choice for those who want a great experience a cam performer.

Many girls started working with Chaturbate thanks to us, and we’ve asked them about their opinions on Chaturbate after a few years broadcasting on the site. All pictures are real and provided by their owners.

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Model 1: I’ve been working with Chaturbate since January 2015, and I already made more than $200k since then. I already had some experience when I signed up so i knew what to do to bring customers quickly to my chat room.

The “New” tag that Chaturbate applies to new models also helps a lot, and that 7 days are crucial to build your list of regulars. Another thing that I like about Chaturbate is how fun and open minded their members are.

They helped me in many ways and I got many requests from them to become my room moderators.

Now everytime someone bothers me, they kick him quickly, so it’s less work for me. That keeps me focused on my show, which obviously is always a good thing.

I’ve never had so much fun on cam and I really think it’s because Chaturbate has a great community and the way the chat rooms work help to make it that way. My opinion on Chaturbate is really positive and I hope to keep working with them for many years.

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Model 2: I’m from Czech Republic and the webcam modeling world in my country is all about studios and agencies. I just wanted to be financially free so I looked for a place to work comfortably from home.

My previous experiences with my home country’s chat rooms were not so great, so I decided to give Chaturbate a try. I knew it was a famous site at that time but I did not take them that seriously at first, even knowing that some girls were making big bucks. The truth is that I didn’t trust myself at the time.

My english is not very good and I was a bit scared about what to do, or what to say if an english speaking customer asked me to do something.

Finally all my fears proved to be unfounded. I have made many friends while working on cam and I haven’t blocked my own country because my countrymen have showed me true interest and love… and they are tipping all the time 🙂 Summarizing, my opinion on Chaturbate is really good and I recommend the site because I’m having fun and making money at the same time.

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Model 3: I know i’m not the most attractive woman in the world, but I’ve always been a bit naughty and when I’m home alone enjoy doing cam shows and making some money. I’ve worked for many sites in the past without much success.

There are way more attractive women out there than me but to be honest I think there’s room for anyone. I don’t have the best body, nor the best tits, but I think I make fun shows. We play games, we do some competitions ( thanks to the apps and bots ) and the audience likes that.

There are many models broadcasting at the same time, most of them gorgeous, but as I said there’s room for all kinds of girls, and I’m truly grateful for being able to do what I do from home while having such a great time. All in all my opinion on Chaturbate is truly positive and I think you should try it.”

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Model 4: We’re a couple from the UK and we’ve tried many cam sites in the last 3 years, at least five that we can remember. All of them were private chat only, and we didn’t manage to earn as much as we had hoped.

We were ready to throw the towel, and then my wife convinced me to try Chaturbate. We’ve been working for them for the past 6 months and we’ve earned a lot of money.

Our best month usually is August, we earned about $4k. Selling exclusive pictures and videos also helped, and now we have more than 3000 regulars.

We are very happy the way things are going. If I had to give you some advice it would be to never give up and keep doing what you feel you need to do to succeed.

We’ve achieved these earnings by working 4 hours a day. The first weeks can be though, but my advice is to keep at it and you will have your reward. Definitely, our opinion on Chaturbate is really good and I encourage you all to try it.

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Model 5: I’m a professional model and I’ve worked for many well known brands, but I’ve always had a naughty side and I really wanted to be on cam, not just for the money, but for the excitement and the fun.

My schedule is really tight and I don’t have time to build up a list of regulars. My commitments do not allow me to broadcast more than 6 ours a week, and with such tight schedule, I needed a site that could provide many potential customers quickly and tThat’s why I decided to try Chaturbate.

The amount of traffic this site has is amazing, and that allowed me to have lots of viewers in no time. I think Chaturbate has the best effort / time ratio and if you don’t have much time to be on cam, it’d be my first choice. My opinion on Chaturbate is really good. It’s a webcam site you should try, period.

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17 thoughts on “Testimonials and opinions on Chaturbate”

  1. There are some real thieves on this platform. They do a really bad job. Aussieblondemilf for example. She just steals token.

  2. Was banned – not told why – then they didn’t pay me money earned which is illegal – wld love to get a class action suit against them. I have actually found another site – pays better – better platform to be a model on – made more in two week than I wld have in a month on Chaturbate.

    • We’re sorry to hear that Robert. Maybe you did something forbidden according to Chaturbate’s rules. Not everything is allowed you know.

  3. Chaterbate is the worse site among all. They wait for you to charged and block you out after charging for silly reasons and dont return your money. Beware of it. I got bit twice already with them and never will go to them again

  4. This site is good for you if you’re not African American. If you look white you’re fine though unless you’re really skinny. They love how we perform but don’t like us like anyone else. They try and give us the bare minimum. Invades privacy, when your mic is on mute they still listen in. Once I graduate this site will be on the back burner. I use to love it now I hate! They use us black models. They put the white ones above all

  5. Chaturbate is merely an illusion, it’s like becoming an Influencer,…LoL!!!! Men and women do spend countless of tokens daily on cam girls, who entertain them in front a computer screen, how sad and pathetic is that!!!!!!! You’d probably see the majority of cam girls on CB who are indulging themselves on self pleasuring with fingers and plastic toys!!!!! Isn’t it fun to see a girl on her prime fingering all the time on CB?!?! It’s is even more funnier to see a young girl moaning and screaming with a plastic toy tho!!!! What a waste of the human body this is!!!! Since the role of a woman in her prime is to procreate by having tons of sex with different men, evolutionary speaking, but how come Millennials nowadays, prefer pleasuring themselves alone in front of the computer screen, without having the need or the desire to lust a physical urge for the human contact whatsoever?!?! No wonder we have the LGBTQIA!!! But Hey, what about the Real Men, hey!??! Where are they!??! Indeed, we see many whimps on CB, spending countless of tokens on cam girls: Little do they know that 1000 tokens cost them $79.99 on CB; and when the lonely, desperate and socially awkward chumps do spend 4000tk on a soulless Cam Girl, do they realize that they have just wasted $320?!?!…Dollars unwisely spent on the same Cam Girls who realistically are in just for the money and nothing else! Humanity the Time is Up!!!! In the last decade you’ve just become such a widely laughing stock,…..!!!!!!

    • you need therapy.

  6. Chaturbate was my first cam site a few years back, and i still come back to it to make money too

  7. Hi I was wondering can you give me a example of how many tokens I should charge for lets say, toy show, get naked, oil show,shower show, finger pussy, flash boobs, flash butt. Etc.
    Im going to be new to this as well.
    Thanks I appreciate it.

    • Hi

      I think you should take a look at what all the other cam models charge for that. Usually you can find the figures in their bio’s. Once you know, try to aim for lower prices first and see how it goes. Once you have a regular audience, rise the prices a bit if you are not comfortable with your earnings.

  8. Chaturbate is really amazing, I earn a lot of money with them.

  9. We are a couple, and we made over $20k last year. To us that was unthinkable just a few months back. Chaturbate has more traffic than the other sites and that’s what matters. Our followers list increased a lot and that allowed us to make big profits. No wonder there are so many couples broadcasting.

    • Hi quick question for you! Would love to start with the website was just wanting to know what will my 1099 say on it when I revive it in April? Will it just look like it came from a Advertising Firm orrrrrr will it say chaturbate on it lol? Thanks for you feedback really just want a yes or no answear 🙂

  10. i’m male 25, making good money on chaturbate. I recommend it to all gays around

  11. I can’t make money with cams, but that’s because i’m fat as a whale and no one wants to see me lol

  12. Chaturbate is certainly a good cam site, i don’t have much experience yet, because i started a few months ago, but of all i tried it’s the most fun to work with and i like that

  13. Hi, Chaturbate was my first cam site a few years back, and i still come back to it to make money. I’ve tried many since then and the only one that works consistently for me is Chaturbate, probably due to the amount of followers that i have and the traffic, which is amazing.

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