NiteFlirt Review: Advanced Bidding Strategies to Succeed

niteflirt review how to bid a get callers

Hey guys, I'm back again with another one, and today we're going to talk about bidding, that's right, advertising, aka bidding on NiteFlirt, and how you can stop wasting money. If you're currently on NiteFlirt or thinking of getting onto NiteFlirt as a PSO ( Phone Sex Operator ), this is going to help you a ton.

Understanding Bidding

Bidding can be really tricky; it's like a double-edged sword. It can leave you empty-handed and definitely confused. There should definitely be more training on this if you're planning to use the NiteFlirt site.

Many professionals in my field tend to skip over this crucial detail, and that's a big reason why some people are really hesitant to start on NiteFlirt. They worry about having to do it right, especially after hearing stories like, “Oh my gosh, I had to try it, and I ended up wasting $200 and didn’t even get a call.”

But this is something that needs more explanation, which is why I'm often asked about it. So, I decided to write this article because I know many of you have been waiting for some straightforward advice. Well, here it is.

Key Insights on Bidding

I want to share something important with you: being on the front page doesn't necessarily mean you'll get more calls or make more money.

Just because someone's profile is front and center doesn't guarantee they're raking in more cash or handling a flood of calls. There might come a time when you find yourself on the front page, but only if you're comfortable with the amount you're bidding.

Think of the site like a magazine. You naturally flip to your favorite sections or articles first, right? That’s exactly how callers browse the site too. I'll explain more about this later.

What is Bidding?

So a lot of you guys don't even know what it is. Bidding is also known as advertising, okay? So, um, that's a tax tip because it is advertising, so you can, you know, um, use this when you file your taxes.

Bidding is a pay-per-click method of getting your listing profile listed in the place where it is more visible. Each time someone clicks on your profile, you pay the amount you bid for that spot, i.e., $1.25 per click. A caller can click on your profile once, and you pay for that click.

Now, you will not be charged for a click from the same caller for another 72 hours after that initial click. When you're not online, you are not charged for clicks. When you are on a call, you are not charged for clicks. You only pay per click when you make your line available for calls.

Bidding in Subcategories

When I talk to folks about bidding, I often tell them that they should bid in their subcategories, and some people are like, “Well, what the heck is a subcategory?” So let's talk about that because it's very integral in you saving money on bidding and where your placement is, quite honestly.

Subcategories are the categories below the main categories. For example, there is a “Woman Home Alone” category, and one of the subcategories to that is “Sex”. So you would bid yourself in the “Sex” category. Fetish is a top tier category and the subcategory in that is “Foot and Shoe”.

Subcategories are the best place to bid your listing. This is why the price is often lower than the top tier categories. Think of the categories as a magazine again. When you open a magazine, you often go to your favorite articles. Callers do the same on the site; they go to what kink, fetish, or desire they have at the moment, right?

How to Bid

First, I log into my account and head to the back end. I click on the “My Listings” icon and then scroll to the column labeled “Feature” where I click “Update”. The next page is titled “Edit My Featured Listing Bid”, located in the top left-hand corner.

On this page, I see a long column of numbers alongside PSO names showing current bids. I also see my listing title, particularly for any specific subcategories like “Foot and Shoe” if that's what I'm listed under. Here, I check my current bid and position, which varies depending on whether I'm online. If I'm online, it shows my current position; if not, it shows where I might appear when I go online.

Next, I use the “View by Category” drop-down to navigate to my subcategories. It's generally best to bid in a subcategory as these tend to be cheaper. The subcategory needs to align with my bio—for instance, if I'm listed under “Foot and Shoe”, my bio needs to reflect that with details about foot fetishes, types of shoes, and what makes my offering unique and enticing.

The aim is for my bio to grab attention and intrigue, making it more than just “Call me, I have pretty feet.” It should paint a vivid picture, perhaps describing the high heels I wear or the color of my toenails, and hint at the experiences I offer.

This isn't just about looking good; it’s about sparking curiosity and making a connection. This approach often leads callers to comment on how much they liked my bio, as it gives them a clear idea of what they're getting into, which is essential since they are paying for this experience.

Financial Considerations for Bidding

If you're using your account's payout express, also known as daily pay, you will see your account come back to $20 or $30. This is what I mean by that: you should put money in your account so that you can pay for your clicks. This is the way you do it: you go to where you see “Express Pay” or “Daily Pay”. And you should click on “Add to Account”.

I recommend that you add $20 to $30. This is why: that $20 to $30 is going to pay for your clicks. You don't want your pay-per-click money coming out of the money that you're making throughout the day, okay? You put $20 to $30 in there so that it pays for that, and the calls, the tributes, the texts, the purchases from your goodies section will pay back into that.

Once you get a click, obviously, you want to get a call or a text or some sort of, you know, monetary feedback.

When I bid, I stick to a budget of one to one and a half dollars. If I go over that, well, that's on me. But I try not to waste money thinking high bids will secure a premium spot, possibly even on the front page. But does that guarantee calls? Not really.

Many of the profiles on the front page are quite elaborate. They have photos and more. I've noticed some profiles don't even have a real picture, just a default icon. That's not enough. Men want to see who they're talking to, especially if I'm listed under something specific like the foot and shoe category. They expect to see images of feet in high heels or whatever fits the category. They're looking for a reason to choose my profile.

Once I get a call, I make that money back through the call itself. My account balance changes as I'm online, taking calls, receiving texts, getting tributes, and making sales from my goodies section.

I keep an eye on my spending and earnings through the reports section in my back office; just click on the ‘Featured Listings' to see how each category is doing. If I'm doing well in the mature section, I might offer a free picture or send out an email thanking them for their calls, looking forward to our next connection.

I also send out texts like, “Hey, how are you? What are you up to? WYD?” It's all about nurturing the interest my listing has generated since it's been getting a lot of attention.

Managing Your Business

It's smart to monitor which listing category is doing well for me. I also want to point out that bidding isn't mandatory. Really, you can just stay where you are in the rankings—whether that's number 5, 30  or 99—and not spend a dime on bidding. Even without bidding, people still receive phone calls. It does make a difference, but then again, it might not.

Strategic Bidding Advice

When I bid, I aim to place myself in the top 50 spots. This strategy applies whether I’m bidding in a subcategory or in the broader “Find Women” section. If the cost at spot 50 is $2.80, I'll skip it and look for a cheaper option, maybe spot 60.

It’s important to bid within my budget. I often hear from other flirts who've spent $80 and just got a bunch of clicks but no real engagement. If that’s happening, it usually means the profile needs work—it’s not catching the right attention.

For example, if I’m in the oral subcategory, I make sure my profile highlights my skills in virtual BJ's and includes positive reviews I’ve received. Treating this like a real business means investing wisely and ensuring my offerings align with customer expectations, and like any business, it brings both revenue and taxes.

Don't let the bidding process drive you crazy. You don't have to bid at all. As you build a regular clientele, get good reviews, and gain followers on the site, your bidding costs will decrease over time.

At first, being on the front page may cost $5 per click. Obviously, no one wants to pay that much. But eventually, you may only need to pay $1 to be on the front page.

There have been times when I haven't even had to bid to be visible. I often lower my bids on the weekends because the site is busier anyway.

I don't bid in all the categories my characters are listed in. I may only bid in 2 out of 6 categories. This is because even if a client doesn't find me in the category I'm bidding on, they may still see my other offerings and contact me.

For example, I don't bid in the financial domination category, but clients will still find me there and I'll take their money anyway. The key is to experiment with your bidding strategy and find what works best for you and your business. Don't get too caught up in the bidding process – focus on providing great service to your clients.

So therefore, bidding might become somewhat unnecessary as time goes on, and your bidding totals, your numbers, may get very, very low.

Seasonal Marketing and Customer Appreciation

Every year, right at the beginning, around January or February, stores like Bath and Body Works have those big sales, slashing prices by up to 75%. They can afford to do this because they made so much money during the holiday season.

It's the same for me. Say I've been really successful in the “Foot and Shoe” category. I can afford to give back a little to my callers. Maybe I offer a free picture, a few free minutes on a call, or even lower my rates for a special “thank you” sale. Some operators might create a discounted goodie bag for 99 cents just to show appreciation. It's important to see which of my listings has done well and give a little something extra for those successes.

This is a business, after all, and I'm selling an experience just like a vacation. My top customers—the ones who leave big tips, stay on long calls, or buy a lot from my goodies section just because they love what I offer—deserve a little extra.

Maybe a free picture or a cheap, quick audio clip to really make them feel valued. It's all about enhancing that connection and letting them know how much I appreciate their support.

Final Remarks on Bidding and Resource Offer

When it comes to bidding, I always tell myself to take it slow and not to spend too much. Being on the front page isn't everything, and it doesn’t guarantee more money or more callers. Those up there might not be having as good a day as you think.

So, I focus on bidding in my subcategories, keeping my account balance between twenty to thirty dollars just for clicks, and I never bid more than a dollar to a dollar and fifty cents per click. I bid where I feel comfortable, usually aiming for spots one through fifty. If I'm bidding in the “Find Women” section, I stick to the subcategories because they're cheaper.

You don't need to spend a fortune to get noticed. Landing on the front page won’t necessarily bring in more calls, despite what everyone thinks. I bid where it makes financial sense for me and where I can afford it without overspending.

I hope this advice helps you out. If you have any questions, I’m always ready to respond, so just drop a comment below.

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