How many tokens you should charge on Chaturbate

how many tokens charge on chaturbate

Hi. I’m a webcam model and new performers usually ask how many tokens charge on Chaturbate for actions like toy show, get naked, oil show, shower show, finger pussy, flash boobs, flash butt, etc.

My answer is always the same: “Depends”. If you are new and your regular audience is low, you should charge low prices until you have a bigger regular audience. Usually, about 200 or 300 regulars is where i’d start rising prices a bit.

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest you take a look at other performer's profiles. In their bio’s you should see a “tip menu” with a complete list of the prices. Take that as a reference and keep visiting more performers rooms to get a good idea of how many tokens charge on Chaturbate.

Once you gain experience and become more famous, you can start asking more for what you do. But don’t be greedy. It’s best to get 100 tokens from 5 guys than from just 1.

See how many tokens these performers charge

A picture is worth a thousand words so I’m gonna show you how many tokens charge some of the best performers on Chaturbate. I’m not gonna tell you who they are, but it’s enough to say they were on the first page and with thousands of live viewers at that time.

how much money ask on chaturbate

how much tokens charge chaturbate

how many tokens charge on chaturbate for actions

If you are new to this, try to keep things simple. Maybe a huge tip menu like the first is not what you need at first. I like to keep things simple and my tip menu is more similar to the other two.

As I said, keep low prices first and when you have good audience figures and regulars, then rise the prices slowly and maybe add new things to your tip menu, always within your boundaries. You don’t want to add things to your menu that makes you uncomfortable.

You are here to make money but not at any price. I hope you find this post useful and that now you have a better idea of how many tokens charge on Chaturbate.¡Good luck!

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  1. How much does one token cost?
    How much does 10 tokens cost?
    Just curious?Thanks

  2. Vorrei sapere se si deve scrivere sul computer
    E tutte le informazioni su giocattoli e su tutti gli attrezzi tecnici per lavorare

  3. Does anyone know how to stream 2 camera angles at the same time.
    Ive seen a veryhigh quality set up where the girl had 2 cameras in her room streaming at the same time and you could view either camera in full screen by pressing the mouse.
    Does anyone know whats required to get this working?

    • OBS. I use that for my breath show with my gay partner.

  4. How do I set up tip menus? How do I set up the token goals? Before you start broadcasting, does it go through settings?

  5. Hey so i’m new to this too. & i was curious on how long it takes to get set up, so i can start working ??? & my other question is how many tokens should i charge for being with a partner in my cam show ??

    • Verification is quite fast. Once you send your personal ID it may take a day if everything is all right. As for the tokens, depends. Maybe you should take a look at other couples to see what they are charging.

    • Hi I want to leave studio and go independent but I don’t have a paxum account can I use someone else’s account for payout

      • No you can’t. In order to create a Paxum account you must send your personal ID for verification as well.

  6. I enjoy helping people and I don’t care for others who disrespect someone trying to earn a living not an easy job sitting long hours dealing with so many different sterio types trying to keep a smile to catch someone’s eye alot of competition and entertainment aspects I understand what and the World we live in from jealously to offending types of genders

  7. Hi!

    Thank you so much for describing and explaining the different amount of tokens to charge. It will be a very helpfull guideline to follow. I have been researching many cam model sites and hope to start camming in the next week. Chaturbate is one of the three cam sites I’ve boiled my search down to and this information might be my determining factor. Thanks again! And, who knows, maybe you’ll see me soon on Chaturbate! – Lacy

    • Right??? I’m just learning myself. So since this post in may how have you done ? Did you make it onto the the site? Do you love it? Tell me a little more about the experience?

  8. help me set up a menu where do i go

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