Alternatives to MyfreeCams and Streamate

Are you looking for alternatives to Myfreecams, Streamate and other popular cam sites? Not making enough money? Many cam girls know MyFreeCams and Streamate. Both are well known cam sites with good traffic and many cam girls anytime, but it's also well known that is not easy to make money on those sites.

Why? Well there are many factors. Streamate for instance works mainly with the outdated private only method. That worked years ago, but today most potential customers want to watch for free and then pay.

That's not a bad thing. You may think that broadcasting for free is a waste of your time, but the fact is no one would do it if that was true. If there are so many boys and girls on Chaturbate is because that system works. Period.

alternatives to myfreecams


Alternatives to MyFreeCams, Streamate, Cam4 and other cam sites: Chaturbate is the answer.

Broadcasting for free gives you the chance to be watched by many potential customers. You just have to find the way to make them pay for your actions. Is not that hard. I simply pick an app, fill out my goals and that's it.

With Streamate for instance, you don't have that kind of freedom and you have to work like in the old times, waiting for someone to take you private and then hope for the best.

MyfreeCams is more similar to Chaturbate. You can work both in private and free chat  but the fact is Chaturbate has way more traffic and that means it's easier to make money on Chaturbate. Plus there are not apps and bots on MFC so it's more of a conventional cam site.

The chat window is quite small also and that is not good for conversions. People like to watch they're favorite girls in full screen or at least, in a big window. Chaturbate can offer you both with better video quality.

It's fair to say that the best alternative to My FreeCams and Streamate is Chaturbate. Not only it has more and better traffic. It has more customization options, more payment methods and they recently added the option to receive daily payouts! No other cam site gives you so much.

I've worked for the three main cam sites, Chaturbate, MFC and Streamate and if i had to pick just one, i'd choose Chaturbate in a heart beat. It's the most fun to work with, and it's amazing to have more than 2000 people in my room. Last month for instance i made over $ 300 in just a couple of hours. I've never reached that kind of earnings anywhere else.

If you are currently working for MyFreeCams or Streamate and you are not making enough money, i suggest you to try Chaturbate. I can assure you if that does not work for you , nothing will.

If you're looking for alternatives to MyFreeCams, Streamate, Cam4 or any other cam site, Chaturbate is your best bet, because it's the cam site with the best traffic and the highest amount of paying customers. I think it's worth a shot.

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