Recommended gear for a cam girl

In the world of adult webcams, there are a few things you must have if you want to be sucessful. Fast internet ( upload speed is very important ), an HD webcam, and a good, well lit and quiet place to make your shows. But those are only the basics. There’s much more to it. We will try to show you the recommended gear for a cam girl. Let’s begin!

Which webcam should you buy?

gear cam girl

HD webcams are now common. If you have an old, rusty webcam, change it ASAP. The picture quality is much better and your customers will appreciate it. Nowadays they aren’t too expensive. The one we recommend is the Logitech C920, which costs about 70 dollars. Is not cheap, but it will last you forever with excellent results.

Cheaper alternatives are Logitech’s C615 which sells for 45 dollars, or even the 720p capable, C525 which is on sale for just 37 dollars.

Sex toys, yes or no?

ohmibodSex toys are quite useful on cam. Not only they’ll give you pleasure, but also, something to do. Don’t be afraid to use them on cam. Your viewers will thank you. There are many toys available on the market, sex machines, thousands of dildos…

Now it’s quite popular the so called “Lovense” which is a vibrator that activates with the sound or by remote control. Many cam girls set it up to vibrate with the tips sound, which is convenient to make a fun show.

You just have to watch a chat room with the “Lovense” subject to know what we mean. It’s quite exciting to watch the girl having orgasms while the viewers tip her all the time. Can be exhausting, but lucrative! Check out our review of the Lovense Lush 2 sex toy here and our selection of cheaper sex toys that you can find on Ebay.

Which computer should i buy?

laptop cam girlCPU power is important for cam shows. A good, powerful laptop can make a difference. The combination between computing power and upload speed will make your shows fluent and smooth. Try to keep your frame rate over 20.

You can see the framerate below your video next to to the “Start broadcasting” button.  Less than 20 will make it look like a slideshow. You can reduce the image quality or the resolution to reach that target. Play with the settings until you get the desired results.

Any laptop from 2015 onwards will be more than enough to produce good looking shows. The basics specs you need are 4 gb of RAM or more ( 8 gb or 16 gb is the standard now ), Intel or AMD CPU doesn’t matter for this. We’d choose a 13 inch screen as a bare minimum also.

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