The easiest place to make money on is Chaturbate

I’ve been asked me to write this post because i’m the most veteran cam girl in here, and they wanted me to share my thoughts on which one is the easiest adult site to make money on.

I am from Romania, i’m 32 years old. My first steps in webcam modeling were 4 years ago.

One day i saw an announcement in the paper. It said ” Webcam models wanted, earn lots of money“. I felt curious and i decided to try. At that time i was living with my boyfriend and i had lots of free time, because i was unemployed. At that time i knew nothing about webcam modeling and Chaturbate didn’t exist yet.

The studio was a flat not far away from were i lived. It had, like 15 rooms, all decorated with bright colours and cheap furniture. The house of course was a rental and i met other cam girls like me there.

the easiest camsite is chaturbate


The studio was “semi-legal” sort of speak, and the bosses asked us to work 8 hours a day, even more. After some time i decided to move on and left the job.

Was not too bad, because i earned enough money to live well for some months. I worked for some time helping my family business and a few years later i decided to give it another try.

In 2011, i tried again. I saw there were many new sites. I tried many of them, My Free Cams, Jasmin, Streamate,etc.  All of them have pros and cons.

In my experience there is not a single absolute best site. Each one of them have their own audience and you have to try them all to see which one you feel comfortable with. When i worked for My Free Cams and it was a mess. The site works fine, they pay on time, no problems in that regard.

But I have to say there’s too much competition there, and i was just looking for the easiest adult site to make money on. In my opinion, My Free Cams looks like a super model fashion show.

That´s great for the male audience, because they get to watch some of the most gorgeous girls in the world, but for me, it wasn’t that good. One bad thing is that you can’t have sex with a male on cam. I think that’s a negative aspect, because you can earn lots of money having sex on cam.

Why Chaturbate works

After some weeks with bad earnings, and decided to move on. I was looking for the easiest place to make money on and then, i signed up for Chaturbate.

From the very first moment i liked the freedom of being able to do almost anything i wanted. Also, Chaturbate community is really helpful and they enjoy tipping all the time, and because they allow almost anything on cam, i finally managed to be myself on cam and started to make great sex shows. Audience loves sex shows and when my bf is not available, i can still make some more money, thanks to my regular customers.

Of all i’ve tried, i can honestly say that the easiest site to make money on is Chaturbate. I have between 1000 and 2000 members in my room everytime i broadcast, and i get between 600 and 1000 tokens per session. The best part is that i work whenever i want and i can do almost anything on cam. Fortunately Chaturbate is not restrictive and that gives us more freedom to make great shows.

As i said, there are many, but for me, the best place to make money on, is Chaturbate.

To finish, i just wanted to thank for the opportunity to write this post and tell my story. They helped me a lot and i will always be grateful.