The Top 12 Sites LIKE Chaturbate!

sites like chaturbate

Chaturbate is one of the most popular cam websites around right now, and it’s hard to compete with that! Although it seems as if there aren’t any other platforms to check out, that couldn’t be further from the truth – there are dozens of sites like Chaturbate out there to consider, and we’re going to look at a few of them here today. If you’re sick and tired of seeing the same models every day or just wanted a new experience to enjoy, this is the guide for you!


sites like chaturbate camsoda

CamSoda has always been a “go-to” option for anyone interested in alternative cam model websites. Most people will stick with the likes of Chaturbate, but the unique layout and attractive models found on CamSoda can be tough to overlook. If you want to have a broader range of women to chat with, Chaturbate is still going to reign supreme, but that doesn’t mean CamSoda isn’t a close second! 

There are hundreds of attractive models to consider checking out here, all of which are determined to provide their viewers with a high-quality shower. Whether it’s big girls, butt plugs, or anything else in between, CamSoda can deliver it with the highest quality possible. 

I strongly recommend checking out CamSoda, even if it’s your first time taking a look at cam model websites. While Chaturbate is likely the first one that comes to mind, CamSoda can be something that you learn to love just as much! The pricing structure is relatively affordable, and the number of models available is staggering at times. 

The only significant issue was the lack of transparency from some models. This means that they’re making good money and I can’t blame them for it, but there are times where I feel like “money talks” and if you’re rich, you can do whatever you’d like on CamSoda (including force girls to go private).


  • Models engage with all of their viewers
  • Affordable pricing
  • Tons of models to choose from, reasonable prices for tokens/private shows, and I always had a great time when I logged in


  • The only significant issue I found on CamSoda is that some of my favorite girls would go private constantly


sites like chaturbate stripchat

If you’re on the hunt for an alternative to Chaturbate that’s going to offer more affordable pricing, Stripchat is the perfect place to consider. They take pride in the fact that they’re one of the most affordable cam model options on the web right now, but that doesn’t mean they provide a lackluster service. Most people are surprised to learn that Stripchat offers some of the hottest (and high-quality) content you’ll find around!

If you don’t want to cut corners in regards to the quality of models you’re viewing, Stripchat is the most viable option – they would never gouge their customers for money, and they still refuse to put out a lackluster product. Like any other adult webcam directory, there are going to be tons of models to choose from; regardless of what you’re looking for, Stripchat is going to have it in abundance. 

One of the best features about this website has to be the free 50 tokens given to brand new users (from a giveaway, so they’re not always guaranteed), meaning you can jump right into the action and start interacting with hot cam models in the blink of an eye. Money is always important on a platform like this, but Stripchit allows you to stretch your dollar even further!

This may seem like an issue if you’re a potential cam model seeking out additional sources of revenue, but Stripchat does a very good job of paying their models premium rates (while still allowing viewers to enjoy the ride!). 


  • An affordable alternative to Chaturbate
  • Still plenty of attractive models to choose from
  • A viable option for both viewers and models alike! 


  • The free 50 tokens is a nice touch, but it isn’t going to get you very far (unless you love being teased!)


sites like chaturbate streamate

While Chaturbate is running away with the crown for best cam model platform around, places like Streamate are right on their heels. There’s something about watching a brand new company grind its way to the top that tickles me in a good way, which is why I’m so happy to be talking about Streamate in this article. 

If you’re sick of seeing the same old models dominate on Chaturbate daily, venturing off onto a website like Streamate is your best bet! They’re always bringing in new models that show potential, and of course, some would say that fresh faces are the best ones to seek out. Just remember that since these are newcomers, you’re not going to get the same streaming experience that you may find on Chaturbate.

They are likely trying to perfect their settings and won’t have a professional studio for production purposes (not yet!), but most of the models are enthusiastic and will do anything to please their viewers. If you’re someone who takes pride in finding the next big thing before they pop within the cam-model industry, Streamate is a website you’ll want to keep your eye on.

As if that wasn’t enough, the prices being offered there (when compared to Chaturbate) are somewhat similar, but Streamate is slightly cheaper. 


  • The models on Streamate are HOT
  • Enjoy interacting with newcomers and watching them grow
  • Slightly more affordable than Chaturbate


  • Most shows are private only


sites like chaturbate jerkmate

Jerkmake is almost a carbon copy of Streamate, except with a few minor changes. This means you’ll likely experience the same quality of model, content, and anything else that’s associated with Streamate here on Jerkmate. There are both female and male cam models available, so it isn’t just catered to men, and there are even more “peculiar” models on top of that.

Whether you want a GILF, a BBW, or even an Ebony goddess, there are going to be models readily available for you on Jerkmate. While other users are struggling to find a website that fits their needs, you’ll be knee-deep in some of the hottest models found on the face of Earth. 

They do a great job of pairing you up with models using an algorithm, which makes the website better than Chaturbate in my personal opinion. You can interact with other users on the website and find the perfect partner to share your private time with, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a sexy girl flashing her ass for no charge!

These aren’t cam models you’re being matched up with – they are other users who are just as horny as you. Whether you’re looking for a male or female pair, the algorithm will work its magic and ensure you have a great time.


  • Emulates a dating site by pairing you up with other like-minded viewers to chat
  • Offers an abundance of models to choose from
  • Doesn’t feel gimmicky, and the algorithm for finding partners is exclusive to Jerkmate


  • Same cams as in Streamate

Live Jasmin

sites like chaturbate livejasmin

Anybody who has been jerking off since the inception of modern computers knows about this website, as there were advertisements for it almost everywhere back in the day. Although the ads are slowing down, it doesn’t mean that LiveJasmin is losing any juice – it’s still one of the leading cam model platforms for both viewers and performers, which is quite impressive after all of these years. Most companies fail to adapt over time, but it seems as if LiveJasmin had no problem with that at all.

The best part about LiveJasmin has to be the revenue share model, as some cam models can make ridiculous amounts of money if they play their cards right. Most people would look at this website as a virtual brothel, in the sense that money can buy you anything – there’s a whopping 30% to 80% revenue share available on LiveJasmin, which means you can make a pretty penny using this platform.

Anybody who has been interested in cam modeling for a while now will likely look at those numbers and question it, but we’re serious! LiveJasmin is the perfect place to go if you’re a potential model who wants to find a new career path or even just earn some extra cash on the side. Then again, if 2,500 to 7,000 dollars a month is “extra cash” sign me up!


  • It only takes one massive tip to reach your daily goals, and many users on LiveJasmin are generous with their tokens
  • Plenty of users to engage with and earn money as a model
  • Doesn’t seem like an over-competitive space


  • Can get expensive at times as a viewer

My free cams

sites like Chaturbate myfreecams

Are you an independent performer but want to have potential in the limelight, like Chaturbate has to offer? Being such a popular option is a must for websites like Chaturbate, as it’s a monopoly – they can promote specific models and nobody will even notice. MyFreeCams is trying to change all of that, as they are arguably one of the best alternatives when compared to Chaturbate.

Dozens of cam models have made the switch from Chaturbate to MyFreeCams because of the independence available there, all of which can be had without sacrificing your money. You also don’t have to miss out on any models either, as there are almost too many to choose from on MyFreeCams. Whether you’re into massive tits, big butts, or anything else in between, there are going to be models that pique your interest on this website.

One of the only issues I had with this website is the fact that their tokens are relatively expensive, and when compared to Chaturbate, MyFreeCams is the more expensive option. It isn’t by much though, and it’s worth checking out if you’re sick and tired of spending your money (or time as a cam model) on an “over-populated” site like Chaturbate.  

The interface that MyFreeCams has put together is amazing, to say the least. I’ve never had an easier time browsing through the hundreds of different models and pinpointing which ones I enjoyed the most. It works great but looks dated though.


  • Many sexy models to spend all of your tokens on
  • Free shows for members
  • Very easy to use and navigate for both models and viewers


  • Slightly more expensive to purchase tokens on when compared to Chaturbate

Bonga Cams

Sites like Chaturbarte bongacams

Bonga Cams may not give off the professional vibe that Chaturbate does initially, but it’s one of those websites that can surprise you. The layout of the homepage is somewhat ungodly to look at, but this is a website that favors its content over anything else. The women on this website are wild, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy (and get their hands on your tips, of course).

If you’re the type of person who wants to look for very niche porn, like a gamer girl fisting her ass in a Pokemon costume, or even transexual models, Bonga Cams is a website that you’ll enjoy immensely. I would say that those two options alone make it slightly better than Chaturbate right now, especially since everybody is letting their kinks fly these days.

You’ll be interacting with independent models for the most part as well, so there’s no need to worry about getting rejected or ignored by someone after you’ve sent a tip. That’s a common occurrence on Chaturbate!


  • They constantly run member promotions and other discounts that make paying for tokens and other stuff much easier
  • Tons of independent models to interact with
  • Most of the models are interested in both having a good time and making money (not just the latter)


  • The layout can be hard to look at sometimes, but I feel like the content more than makes up for that!


sites like chaturbate cam4

Cams4 is an often overlooked website that I had a fantastic time with, and although they don’t do anything perfectly, it’s a balanced platform that is viable for both viewers and models. While most models are trying to sign up for the websites that offer more viewers, it’s not always the best option – Cams4 is the perfect mix of opportunity and popularity, which gives new models a better chance at excelling in this industry.

It might sound crazy at first, but whether you’re a viewer or a cam model, I would strongly suggest checking out Cams4; while it isn’t going to overtake Chaturbate right away, it’s in the running to do so shortly.


  • A lot of newbie models to interact with (or work alongside if you’re a model)
  • A much closer sense of community than other websites
  • Tons of opportunities to make more money as a newcomer model


  • Not even close to being as popular as Chaturbate



sites like chaturbate flirt-4-free

I loved that there were times where I would log on and be greeted by some of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen. They know that I’m a regular and they would learn my name, and even a bit about me – of course, it’s probably because I was paying them ridiculous amounts of money to see their asshole. Oh well, I would say that it was money well spent and I have no problem recommending Flirt4Free to anybody else out there who’s interested in cam models. 


  • Many opportunities for free shows
  • Lots of sexy models to pick from
  • Competitive affiliate and revenue sharing programs


  • Doesn’t seem established enough, but that will come with time

sites like chaturbate cams

This website is known as the “original cam girl website”, and it makes sense – just look at the domain! Webcam models have been popular for the better part of this millennium, so obtaining a domain like means you had to have gotten in early on. If you want to experience what an updated “OG” cam model platform feels like, visiting is merely a click away.

Whether you’re looking to sign up as a cam model or viewer is irrelevant – the tip tokens are affordable when compared to Chaturbate, and the revenue sharing system on is also incredibly competitive. They’ve done a great job of adapting to the times (much like LiveJasmin) and sticking around! 


  • Stood the test of time
  • One of the original websites to begin hosting cam model shows
  • Still maintains an affordable price point


  • The layout can feel a bit outdated at times

I’m live

sites like chaturbate cams

I’m Live (stylized as Im Live) is another cam model platform that is making waves within the industry. Hundreds of websites are making a run and fighting back with a vengeance! Whether it’s seasoned models, newcomers, or anything else you seek, I’m Live is going to have it available in abundance. 


  • Affordable pricing
  • Tons of models to choose from
  • Considered an “original” platform for cam models 


  • Most shows are private


sites like chaturbate xlovecam

When you want to get into the online sex business in the safest manner possible, is the way to go – whether you’re a viewer or potential cam model, there aren’t many other websites out there that could be considered more newbie-friendly. This is probably why they haven’t quite reached Chaturbate levels just yet, but if they keep this up, it’s merely a matter of time before we all know (and love)!


  • A lot of newcomer models to check out
  • Affordable tokens
  • It’s a small platform, but they do great with what little they have to work with


  • Relatively new on the market and doesn’t have enough marketing power to match Chaturbate right now

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