Webcam modeling tips by expert cam girls

These are basic webcam modeling tips. If you are new to webcam modeling you’ll find them useful. Use them to make good shows and to reach a bigger audience. You can do many different types of shows on Chaturbate.

Watch the other girls shows and learn from them. You can do shows alone, have sex with your boyfriend… your imagination is the limit.

webcam modeling

Cam modeling tips that will help you to increase your earnings!


Get the best webcam you can afford. Image quality is very important and the audience will appreciate it. Good quality webcams cost between 60$ and 100$. Make sure it’s an HD webcam. Once you have it, place it near the action, so your customers don’t miss anything. This could be considered as one of the most basic webcam modeling tips.


The faster your connection, the better. Make sure you have a good upload speed. Download speeds are not important in webcam modeling. The faster your upload speed is, the better the image quality will be for all the people watching you. Not just the image quality, but the video will look much smoother, improving the experience.


Make sure your room isn’t too dark nor too bright. Webcams are quite sensitive to lighting conditions and although the latest webcams work quite well under bad lighting conditions, is better to get the lighting right. If you have limitations on that matter, make adjustments to your webcam and set it up accordingly.


Speak to your audience all the time. The latest webcams have good quality built-in microphones so you shouldn’t worry about using an external mic. 

webcam modeling tips

Toys and Props:

Offer different shows. Don’t do the same all the time. Members like shows with toys. If you have time, customize a bit your room to show your theme. Just remember to have your toys close by and ready. You will need them.

Show your best face:

Some customers love different outfits. Offer some variety. Choose different shoes, stockings and accessories depending on the occasion. Your customers also want to enjoy varied fantasies. Mistress, secretary, air hostess, school teacher… improvise.

Know Your Customers:

Remember your customers, especially those who tip. Make them feel good. That will encourage them to spend more money. Give them what they want and treat them like friends.

If you can’t keep up write down the names of those who gave you good tips or even better, make screen captures, so you don’t have to write anything. Take notes and impress them of what you’ve chatted about the day before. This is one of the best webcam modeling tips we can give you.

Pay attention to members: 

Don’t be distracted by watching TV or listening to loud music. If members see that you are not paying attention they will leave. Every time you work do it right. If you are tired don’t go online and wait till you
feel ready.

Pay attention to them and make the best job possible. That way you’ll get higher rankings and more exposure.

webcam modeling tips


You can earn tokens in many different ways on Chaturbate. Free chat, private chat, selling videos or fan clubs. On free chat you earn money with tokens, a virtual currency used there that can be used by the members. When you collect tokens, you can transform them into real money.


Remind your fellow customers of the next time you’ll be online. Update your schedule frequently even if you can’t commit to it. Spend as much time online as possible and never give up. The more time you spend online, the more your regular’s list will grow. Especially at the beginning, it’s important to be online as much time as you can. Let the members know you.

Ban Options:

If someone is making you uncomfortable, warn him. You can kick him later. If he comes back, ban him with the options at your disposal. Never do anything you are not willing to do.

With these simple webcam modeling tips we’re sure that you’ll make much more money in no time.