My earnings figures on Chaturbate

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Hi I’m Jenny, I’m 24 years old and i’d like to post my earnings figures on Chaturbate so you can know first hand what kind of money you can make broadcasting on Chaturbate.

earnings figures chaturbate

Chaturbate is currently the best rated cam site for many reasons. The first and most obvious is the traffic. More than 5 million people visit Chaturbate everyday and that of course is a guarantee when it comes to getting visitors. There’s no other cam site right now with the potential to bring lots of customers to your chat room. That’s why the first cam site you should try is Chaturbate.

I’ve been broadcasting on Chaturbate for more than a year now and i’m currently one of the best valued broadcasters there. I even got the tag “recommended” over my chat room snapshot. It was not easy. I thought about quitting many times, but as with many things in life, patience is the key. You must be patient to collect the reward you wanted so much, for so much time.

Recommended broadcasting time on Chaturbate

I currently broadcast 3 hours every day. More is too much for me. I end up quite tired if i spend more time on cam, so i prefer to make shorter shows and get back the next day with renewed energies.

To make a significant amount of money i’d say you have to broadcast everyday for at least a month. Some people will need more time to reach their first $ 1k and some less, but i think 1 month is a fair amount of time to reach moderate goals.

Make entertaining webcam shows

It’s really important to make an entertaining show that engages your audience. Shows with the higher audience are the ones that make it to Chaturbate’s first page so focus on getting as much viewers as you can. 500 viewers are enough to be on the first page, so try to reach that figures asap.

Doesn’t matter how you do it. Take a look at the other rooms and see what they do. Camming is not rocket science. As long as you keep your viewers entertained you´ll be ok.

Hot girls make more?

Usually yes, but webcam modeling is not only about hot looking girls. I know at least 2 couples that make over $3k a month and they look quite normal to me, nothing spectacular, so don’t use this as an excuse if you are not reaching your goals. Looking hot helps, but it’s not the only factor.

My earnings figures on Chaturbate this year

This i already made over $ 11k only on Chaturbate. I know it’s not a great amount of money but keep in mind i only work 3 hours a day and i don’t commute, so i save lots of time and money working from home. If you are passionate about sex and enjoy talking to people and making dirty things, i suggest you to try Chaturbate. It’s surprising how fun and easy making money on Chaturbate is.

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