My earnings so far in 2016

Update: Check out our most up to date earnings report, where you’ll see how lucrative webcam modeling still is.

Hi, my name is Brenda, and i’ve been working with Chaturbate since June 2015. Like many of you, i do this to make some money from home, but there’s also a strong sexual desire i need to satisfy.

I ended up signing up for Chaturbate because i saw it was the easiest cam site to work for and because of the huge traffic it features. Both were strong reasons to give it a try. Before signing up i knew very little about making money with a webcam and i was like a virgin in this matter.


The thing that worried me the most was, not knowing how to make money from the start. I read here that it’s important to broadcast a few hours every day to be known and get some regular viewers.

I wasn’t sure about that, because my time is extremely limited and i only have around 2 hours a day for my shows. I decided that the best way to gain traction from the start was to make my shows naked right from the start and i have to say it worked!

I think that allowed me to get the attention i deserved right from the beginning and i started getting tips very quickly. I got my first 100 token tip on my third day broadcasting so you can imagine how fast i started making money, serious money.

It’s been almost a year now and now i’m making over $3000 a month. I know there are girls that make much more than me, but as i said, i only broadcast 2 hours a day tops and it’s still enough to get that kind of money. All in all i’m extremely satisfied and i encourage you to work for Chaturbate to get that kind of money.

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