Chaturbate earnings proof December 2014

Update: Here is the most up to date earnings report.

chaturbate december earnings

Victoria shares her earnings with us. You can do the same! 

Hello. My name is Victoria. i am 27. I want to prove to you that earning money on Chaturbate is easier than it seems. Here’s my story: I signed up for Chaturbate in October 2014 and i like many girls before, i knew nothing about this job. I’ve always been a social girl and i love flirting, going out, have fun with my friends… nothing out of the ordinary.

Sadly, 4 months ago the place where i worked for 5 years suddenly closed.

A few days later, a friend told me about Chaturbate. When i saw the page, the first thing i thought was: “Are you crazy?”. She insisted and even acknowledged that she was broadcasting for money. I couldn’t believe it. “One of my best friends, naked in front of the laptop, just to make some bucks” i thought.

Turns out, that she wasn’t making “some bucks”. When i asked her how much she was earning she told me: “500 a week”.

I was shocked. Then I started looking for information: Forums, youtube, online guides… everything. I asked my naughty friend about her methods to make money and as days passed i felt more convinced. Then i signed up.

The first days were a bit… ackward. I got some money, but it was not enough for me. I earned 120 dollars the first week. I asked my friend and i discovered she was earning much more while working less hours!. She told me to use apps and bots as much as i could. Se was right, because i was not using them at all.

Then i learned that the key to make money, is to “force” your viewers to tip you. If you do things for free, you won’t get as much money as you possibly could. I learned this a bit late, but better late than never. Once i discovered this little trick, my earnings skyrocketed. I’ve been working 3 hours a day on average and i think the best is yet to come. Take a look at my December´s earnings:

chaturbate payout