The best way to start camming: Tips from a camgirl


Hello, my name is Amanda, I’m 24 and I’m an experienced cam girl. I’m writing this because I’d like to tell you why camming has become one of the best ways to make money online, especially for young, attractive people like you.

I’ve worked with many cam sites in my life and I know what it takes to achieve success online because let’s be honest, not everyone is made for this kind of job. You have to be an extroverted, friendly, and fun person on camera.

Bringing lots of viewers to your chat room is important, but what’s even more important is to make them pay you!. Camming can give you huge earnings and a new way of living your life.

Work from home, no bosses, schedules, and all the other problems of a regular job. When camming, you set the rules and your hours. Keep reading to know what makes camming the perfect choice to make money from home.

What’s the best cam site for camming?

Before sorting out the basics you have to choose a good cam site for your camming efforts. I’ve worked for many cam sites in the past with mixed results. Sometimes due to my lack of experience and others because the cam site was not good enough.

Fortunately, all my problems are gone. Now I work for Chaturbate and I’m making over $2000 a week. Of course, that means you have to forget about agencies, studios, or any other middleman.

They’ll be asking you to broadcast for a certain number of hours a day, and they’ll take a cut from what you earned. You don’t need that at all. Camming is a lot simpler if you sign up for Chaturbate, I promise.

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Why choosing right is of vital importance

I can tell you one thing. It can be disheartening to work several hours a day without the desired results. All of that can be avoided if you choose a quality cam site right from the start, one capable of bringing you thousands of viewers in real-time.

As you may know, there are 2 types of cam sites. Some work with the old-fashioned, private-only system, where the performers only make money once they convince one or more customers into their chat rooms.

This worked a few years back because it was the only option available. With the new “free” chat cam sites, a great part of the potential customers shifted from private only to free chat cam sites. That resulted in a much broader audience. Sure, not all will pay to the models, but it’s still better to have more than 3000 people in your chat room than just two.

When I worked for private only cam sites there were really bad days where I couldn’t make anything at all. You wait patiently for someone who wants a private show, without luck.

Chaturbate is different. Start broadcasting every day at the same hours and you’ll make your regular followers list bigger and bigger. My advice is to broadcast no less than 2 hours a day. My camming time goes from 2 to 4 hours a day.

You can broadcast more if you want of course. Luckily there are no obligations and you can broadcast as much as you want and quit whenever you want to!


Equipment required for camming

Computer or laptop: Camming is an excellent way to make money online, but you need the right gear first. First of all, you need a computer, a laptop if possible, because it will give you more freedom of movement and you’ll be able to take it wherever you want.

Your bedroom, the shower, the kitchen… imagine the possibilities. Part of the success of a good camming show is in the variety.

Broadcasting every day from the same bedroom is boring. Give your viewers different shows along the week and you’ll be rewarded.

Webcam: Aside from a laptop, you need a webcam. Laptops usually come with one, but it’s better to buy one separate HD webcam because it’ll produce better quality pictures and that is important to your audience.

Most people use Logitech’s webcams. They’re affordable, reliable, and give great results.

High-speed connection: Last but not least, you need a broadband internet connection. The higher the upload speed the better.

Remember that you are sending videos out to the world. That’s why upload speed is crucial. 5 to 10 Mbps is enough to start camming.

A good location: When camming you need to be focused on what’s important: Your show, and your audience. Prepare a room exclusively for your shows where no one disturbs you.

Lighting is important, so make sure you have a well-lit room before starting to broadcast. Picture quality will be much better in a well-lit room and your viewers will appreciate that.

Aside from that, there are no other requirements except being 18+ years old. Just follow your cam site’s rules and you’ll be fine.

Recommended additional equipment

Toys: Many cam girls use sex toys like the Lovense Lush while camming. It’s a great solution when you are alone and don’t have a partner to cam with. You can configure it in so many ways! Even make it vibrate every time a customer tips.

Depending on the tipped amount, the length and strength of the stimulation vary, so it’s quite common to see girls having multiple orgasms. When I’m offline, I like to watch shows of girls that use the Lovense Lush. It’s quite fun to see them camming while the thing does its thing every time someone tips.

Sometimes I find it a bit “cruel” because many tippers like to give out their tips one in one, producing long and exhausting orgasms for the cam girls. You just have to look out for shows with the word “Lovense” in the subject and you’ll see what I mean.

Lingerie: Having a great selection of outfits can greatly help your camming performance. Many cam girls use layers that they can take off to keep people tipping until the broadcaster is naked. Set up a tip menu with the number of tokens you’d like to get to perform a certain action like showing your boobs, removing your bra, etc.

Use different outfits along the week and buy special themed outfits for special occasions.

Props and items for different shows: Buy all the items you need for the type of show you want to make. Oily shows, for example, are quite common among the best performers and the audience loves them, so if you wanna make oil shows, you’ll need of course… oil.

Grab some ropes and masks if you are into BDSM or some bananas if you prefer food fetish. The options are almost limitless here. Use your imagination and you’ll come up with something interesting.

Lighting: I said earlier that lighting is important. Try to broadcast from a bedroom with at least one window. If there are no windows, just make sure to invest in lighting. Webcams and all types of cameras like well-lit rooms as well as your audience.

If you see the top chat rooms you’ll see they all are well lit and it’s easy to see the performers, so please, do not broadcast from dark rooms. Play a bit with the position of lights and make some testing to choose the perfect combination.

Wireless keyboard: A laptop can give you freedom while camming, but to get the most out of your camming experience, I recommend you to get a wireless keyboard. That way you’ll be able to move around, chat with your customers from the couch/bed and you won’t have to sit next to the computer all the time.

Now you can even buy wireless keyboards with a touchpad like the one that comes with laptops so you’ll be able to use the mouse as well from just one device. Logitech’s K400 would be my choice here. I’ve used it for years and it works great.

Protecting your identity when camming


Many people interested in camming, especially the ones who haven’t started yet, often express their concerns about being recognized while on cam.

To solve this, the majority of cam sites have measures to solve this problem. Chaturbate for instance, allows you to block any state in the US or any other country in the world.

That way you can broadcast in a discreet manner focusing only on what matters, making money. The process to block a region is quite simple. In the performer’s control panel, there’s a tab called “Privacy” where you can edit all these settings.

Other people interested in camming have asked me repeatedly if it’s possible to broadcast using a mask or something to hide their faces.

Although this is allowed, my advice is not to do it. If you are so afraid to be recognized, maybe this is not a job for you. All the top girls never wear masks and that’s for a reason. The audience likes to watch their favorite girls in the flesh, so using a mask is a big no-no.

There’s always the possibility of someone recording the show and uploading it elsewhere on the net, but it doesn’t happen too often. If you find your show uploaded at one of the many adult tube sites, ask Chaturbate’s technical support for removal or contact the tube site directly.

How much money can you expect to make?

As I said, my average earnings now are over $2000 a week. But it wasn’t always like this. I’ve been working as a cam girl for three years now, and my first months were a bit difficult. I even thought about quitting.

The key here is to be patient. It may sound strange, but you have to give it time, even if you are pretty. The first days are difficult because no one knows you and you have to work for popularity.

Try to maximize your time on cam, and try to show good pictures of yourself on cam. Keep in mind that what’s shown on the main page are screenshots of every single cam online, updated every minute.

If you manage to produce sexy, good-looking pictures of yourself, more people will enter your room to know you. Then try to retain them as much as possible with a fun show and ask them nicely for tips.

If they think you’re pretty and doing a good job, you’ll get some tips, no doubt. Just keep doing it every day and keep perfecting your skills.

Once you have more than 1k followers you’ll see how easy is to make over $500 in just a few hours. Chaturbate is a very big cam site, competition is high, but the crazy amount of traffic at any given time makes it the perfect platform to start camming.

Ideally, and doing things right, you should make over $1000 a month in less than 90 days. From then on, your earnings should increase steadily.

Other important things you should take care of

Choose a good performer name: Obviously and for privacy reasons you should choose a fake name as your performer name. It is advised to use an actual person’s name first and then something else.

Do not just use a screen name like “Sexyhotbitch”. You can use Katy-hot, Angelina-Dark, Kim-Sex… instead. At least that gives your audience the chance to call you by name. I think that’s far better than using something generic.

Choose carefully your payment method: Chaturbate features several payment methods. You can choose between wire transfer, direct deposit, check, or e-wallets like Payoneer or Paxum. These last two are intended for people outside the US. If it’s not your case I recommend you to choose direct deposit. It’s the best and free of commissions.

Use apps and bots: Chaturbate lets you customize your chat room with the apps and bots available. They’re little pieces of software designed to automate certain tasks like silencing trolls, hide bad language, ban people, and much more.

They can also be used to inform your audience about certain things and do so automatically every X minutes, by showing automated messages. There’s a big list of apps and bots and they are really useful to manage your chat room, so I think it’s a good idea to learn to use them.

Create a fan club and sell videos and pictures: If being recognized outside Chaturbate is something that doesn’t bother you, you may want to sell videos and pictures from your chat room. Anyone can buy them, even when you are offline. Just set a price for every item you upload and you’ll be making money even when you sleep!

Once you dominate all these things you’ll be ready to become a camming star. I’ve seen cam girls making over $10k in one night, so anything is possible.

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  1. Will the states that I blocked see my profile if I were to one day show up in the top girls? Will those states stay blocked even then?

    • Yes, that states stay blocked

  2. hi ! im really stuck on chaturbate . i have like 12k follows and only do like 2k tokens per 2 weeks.. i smile .. i do free show sometimes .. its so slow … at firts it was so nice but later it went down so bad,.. plase help

    • If you do free shows, a lot of ppl will expect you to be free now. I’m new but Ive been doing a lot of reading and it all says don’t do free shows, because they’ll just expect it after that.

  3. Thanks for that info, webcamming is a big business, and there’s a lot of money to be made.

  4. I’ve had my laptop for a little over an year now. I’ve used my webcam multiple times but I was always annoyed that it did not have any recording software. Little did I know that it was as easy as Fn + V…..Thanks a lot for the video! Works like a charm. Had to install/uninsall several shitty programs before I found I had a built-in software that works perfectly.

  5. What laptop did u use or do u use? Not sure what one would work best for this ? Thank you

  6. what r the best moves or tricks this is my frist time

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